02.20.23 Mardi Gras 2023 Part 1

I have not been to a Mardi Gras parade in years but this year I’ve been to several and LOVED every one!

Kendal and I went to two parades, Titan and Bilge, in Slidell with his son’s family. I loved catching beads, candy and a Mardi Gras hat with lights! Seeing how Kendal’s little great-granddaughter loved the parade made it extra special!

These first photos are from the Krewe of Titans on Friday evening.

That Saturday we went to Gilligil’s Island which is this super cool restaurant on the waterway going through Eden Isles. Outside is a big sandy beach with tables, a wooden pirate ship for the kids to climb through, and a pier for boats to pull up to. Inside is a large restaurant, music playing area, and bar. We had their seafood platter with shrimp, crawfish, and fish and it was quite good. I believe all of us enjoyed what we ordered. I would highly recommend stopping there to enjoy the outside or inside and the food!

The actual Krewe of Bilge boat parade was not very big or spectacular but spending time with Kendal’s family was the best part! Here are a couple of the boat pictures I took.

Next, I will share our adventures with Kendal’s daughter Lyn and her husband David spending an entire day watching four parades in Uptown New Orleans on St. Charles Avenue. There were a couple of weeks between these two events. We needed every minute of that time to rest up from the first weekend to jump right into the one in New Orleans!

See ya’ll later!

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