01.20.23 Family Fun in the Country

A day we’ve been waiting for finally arrived. Kendal’s two grown children (Lyn and Keith) and their spouses (David and Debbie) joined us this weekend at my home in Amite for food, fun, and fellowship. The temperature with a high of 55 wasn’t ideal but it was sunshiny and nice enough for us to spend the day outside!

Debbi, David, Lyn, Kendal, Keith

Buddy loved meeting these new humans. He liked having new friends throwing his toys around for him to run and get them. He especially liked that there were lots of people for him to look at really sweet and beg for food. I didn’t find one single picture of Buddy but these are his new human friends!

We had hot dogs, chips, BBQ beans, and my 5-layer chocolate dessert. I’ve always called it 3-layer dessert. I don’t have a clue why! Our guests brought a king cake from Randazzo’s Bakery, peanut butter/chocolate homemade brownies, Hubig’s Pies (what a blast from the past and so delicious), and a delicious charcuterie with three kinds of cheese, one covered in blueberry sauce. We also lit a fire and made S’mores.

My son Chip, that lives next door, joined us for food and he enjoyed meeting Kendal’s kids. Kendal and I had a good time introducing his family to where their dad moved his trailer. (You can see it in some pictures) I hope that having a visual of what life is like out here was comforting to them. They commented that the photos Kendal has sent them don’t really show how beautiful it is out here. They all love Kendal so much and I want them to be happy he is here with me.

We plan to have another gathering soon with Kendal’s grandchildren and granddaughter. I hope to take better pictures next time!

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