01.15.23 This Christmas season 2022

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2022 felt like a whirlwind. Slowing down was in order if we were to enjoy the Christmas season.  Getting sick with pneumonia, an upper respiratory tract infection, out of control diabetes, kidney problems, dehydration, and low blood pressure weren’t my first choice for causing me to slow down but it sure did that!

Our Senior Adult Christmas Luncheon was a joy to attend! Last year, my special friend Kendal and I met each other at this same luncheon! This year’s food, decorations, and visiting were wonderful. It made us all smile and got us in the Christmas spirit! Not one photo was taken so just picture lots of old fogeys eating and smiling!

Here’s the rest of my Christmas 2022.

Trinity’s Children’s Christmas music this year was The Loaned Manger. As always it was the highlight of the season. We were not able to be there in person but watched it online and it was fabulous! Courtney Jones, our Children’s Minister, outdid herself this year. Thanks to Courtney, all the parents, all the children and all of the helpers that made this such a success bringing Glory to our Lord!

My precious poodle Buddy was groomed and had his Christmas photo taken!

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Kendal’s great-granddaughter Cassidy celebrated her 3rd birthday in December. We enjoyed getting to be at her party. We gave her some princess dress-up clothes and she seemed to love them!

Our Adult Choir presented their Christmas Music entitled Hope for the Ages. I did get to attend this and it was wonderful! Thanks to Spot and all of the dedicated choir members!

One of my favorite young ladies, whom I secretly claim as a granddaughter, is Raylea Willoughby. She is getting married in February and I was honored to attend her wedding shower at church in December. Raylea is the one in white in the photo. Gracyn, sitting in the chair, is her little sister.

Our Sunday School class enjoyed a Christmas luncheon at Murphy’s in Hammond. Both Kendal and I loved the food and the fellowship.  We have a great group of friends in this class and I am so happy to be part of this gang.

My kids came over on Christmas Eve for dinner (a taco buffet) and to exchange gifts. We finished up the evening by going to church together for Trinity’s Christmas Eve Candlelight service. These moments when we are all in church together are the most special moments of the entire year for me. This year Kendal joined us for all of it and that made it especially special!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_4946.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 325889776_6028977070481253_1363668387218179141_n.jpgChristmas Day was spent with Kendal’s family at his granddaughter Lindsey’s lovely home in Pearl River.  It is such a joy to be with them, they are such a close and loving family. We ate and ate, took a family photo, and enjoyed visiting with all of them.  They made me feel so welcome and even gave me a couple of gifts! The first photo is of Kendal’s daughter Lyn, Kendal, and his son Keith.

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My granddaughter Madisyn and I celebrated Christmas by going out to eat and having our nails done. It was great being together, eating, visiting and getting perty! Here’s Madisyn getting acrylic nails put on at Bellagio in the mall.  We don’t spend nearly enough time together but I love you, my Madisyn!!

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I am hoping 2023 isn’t quite as busy as the last month of 2022 was but I sure did enjoy every moment of December!

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