12.14.22 Why a Manger?

Perhaps it wasn’t just a coincidence that Jesus was born in a manger.

It’s not like He didn’t know the Inn would be full.

But, why a manger?

Perhaps… it’s because a manger isn’t intimidating.

It’s humble. So, so very humble.

A manger, unlike a King’s palace or a King’s throne, is accessible to anyone.

You can freely walk to it.

No blockades. No guards. No fees.

It’s approachable.

Of course this wasn’t a coincidence. Nothing about God’s plan is.

If He wanted to be born in the nicest 5 star hotel, in the most beautiful castle or palace, in the most gorgeous place.. He would have.

But from birth, He’s been showing us something:

He wants all of us.

Literally- every.single.one.of.us.

And He made it oh so easy to get to Him.

The message of Christ gets convoluted and confused sometimes.

But the manger? It was no coincidence.

It’s pretty simple.

He is whispering, “come to me”.

And He made a way so we could. All of us. No one excluded.

The manger represents a truth about Christ:

He will welcome you, as you are, but you won’t leave there the same.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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