08.27.22 Middle Age in a Nutshell

This will not be funny at all to the younger generation who can’t relate to the madness that is Middle Age on up. To the rest of us, I hope it gives you a smile or two! Every single one of these has come out of my mouth one or more times in recent years!

Middle Age in a Nutshell

Who cares if it looks good? I’m comfortable.

Has anyone seen my phone?

The scale… that cannot be right!

Did I already take my vitamins?

Huh, I wonder how I got this bruise…

Why is the print on these instructions so tiny??

$ 5 for a box of cereal? They raised the price and shrunk the box… such a racket!

Who in the world is calling me at 9:30 pm? (For me it would be 7:30 pm!)

Sorry, I forgot what I was going to say.

Wait! What did I come in here for?

I could’ve sworn that was my password!

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend! Go out and do great things!

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