08.17.22 If you are a boy mama, by Alyssa Becnel

*Sappy post warning*
If you are a boy momma this one is for you.💙

You always hear about a girl’s daddy “giving his daughter away” on her wedding day. I had never thought much about the mommas and their sons. But y’all mommas give away something too. Something just as precious. Something I knew I would never get back.
I gave away being the one he hugs and kisses
I gave away being the one he looks for in a crowd
I gave away being the first person he turns to when things get tough
I gave away being the one he makes laugh in the middle of the day
I gave away being his number one girl
I gave away a piece of my heart
I gave away my son
Deep down I know he will always love me but I also know he loves her more. He loves her more than his momma and that’s ok. That’s how I knew he had found the one. But isn’t that what we want? We want them to marry a girl who they will put first even if it means we become second.
Love him while you are still first
Kiss his sweet baby face and linger in those lanky teenage hugs
Drive him to school even when he is grumpy and doesn’t say a word to you
Listen when he needs to vent and blow off steam
Love on his friends
Bring the Motrin to school for the 100 thousandth time. He may have a headache OR he may just want to get out of class and chat with you for a minute.
Sit next to his hospital bed even though he screwed up
Soak up every minute under those Friday night lights.
Love him, forgive him and forgive yourself for the things you didn’t get right
Because one day, you will give him away…
You will stand and watch him give his heart to the love of his life. You will dance and he will say the sweetest things about who he has become because of you. He will hug you tight and it will feel a little bit like a goodbye. You will become his second best girl and it will be so dang HARD.

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