08.01.22 Rosalyn’s Life June and July, 2022

The months of June and July 2022 included a lot of activities. I looked back at the last post I published about my life and saw no photos. This one is full of photos which is probably why it took me two months to finish!

ROE V WADE WAS OVERTURNED!!!!!! All Glory To God!! Hallelujah! Let’s all give God Praise for what He has done!

I helped in the Volunteer’s Snack area for Vacation Bible School on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I loved it and really enjoyed visiting with everyone and helping serve the volunteers. I cooked several things for them to eat and Chip even baked two blueberry cakes using my friend Donna Methvien’s recipe.

Donna also FINALLY…… started her real retirement after working several years past the date she retired! I am so happy for her!

Donna’s Retirement Party back in 2018

Vacation Bible School 2022 – MONUMENTAL, Celebrating God’s Greatness!

Recently, three of my rock creations made their way to France, Greece, and Alaska! Many have made their way to states all around this country but these are the first ones I can remember going that far away!

Since most everyone I know already knows this, I might as well let ya’ll know that I am dating. He has brought so much joy to my life and he deserves a whole post written about how great he is for me! He is a member at my church, Trinity, where I met him back in December at our Senior Adult Christmas Luncheon. We’ve enjoyed getting to know each other ever since. He makes me smile and laugh often. He cooked BBQ shrimp for us on one of his visits to my home. We really enjoyed making his family’s vanilla ice cream recipe and chocolate ice cream recipe together. He and I live an hour away from each other so visiting is challenging but we are figuring it out! Those who have been reading my blog for the last couple of years, know that I haven’t had a lot to smile about for a long time. I do now since Kendal came into my life!!

Rohner Road, where I live, now has a paved roadway that looks so wonderful! There is a little work remaining and we are hoping it will be finished soon.

Chip, Buddy, Benny and Baby Girl (the cat he found in Arkansas.)

Buddy and Benny were treated to new hair cuts and bow ties!

My vegetable plants in the big pots are doing so so. Not terrible but certainly not the healthy plants, full of vegetables that I’m used to growing.

I made it halfway through the year with only one doctor visit! Now, I now need to see three doctors so appointments have been made and we’ll see how those go!

Near the end of July, I saw Dr. McAfee, Orthopedist about the pain I’ve been having in my right hip. X-Rays showed it’s nothing that needs surgery. It’s Hip Bursitis. He gave me a shot in the hip and it feels much better now. At my gynecologist’s annual appointment I found out that instead of being 5’8″ as I have been all my life I am now 5’6″ which is sad to me. I haven’t made an eye doctor appointment yet but that’s next up!

Chip’s 41st birthday was July 6th. We enjoyed the movie Top Gun which I highly recommend seeing. It was the perfect follow-up to the original movie. I cried, laughed, gasped, clapped, and my heart raced. Tom Cruise was spectacular as Maverick! We ate a delicious dinner at Santa Fe. Good movie, good food, and great son!

My crafting has switched to painted/decorative pinecones. I still paint and hiding some rocks from time to time. More people are sharing pictures of them on Rosie Rocks and more are traveling after the first find!

I’ve shared previously about the oyster shells I am decorating. It is quite a process to get them from ugly natural shells to something very pretty and I might even say beautiful. This is the back side of one oyster shell after being scrubbed, bleached, set out in the sun and a coat of clear paint with specks of gold applied. The beauty of the shell really comes alive at this point. There is more to the process after this but to me this is the best step in the process. If you click on only one photo in this blog to enlarge it be sure to click on this one.

I have missed having a recliner in my living room. My friend Cindy and I found this really nice Ottoman at Dirt Cheap, of all places, at an incredibly low price. We each bought one! Mine now lives at my home where I have my feet propped up on it!

Art with Rebecca is something our church does for us ladies every now and then. We were even fed, this time from Subway. This class was painting a flag-decorated mason jar with sunflowers and roses. The ladies at my table included my friend Elaine Taylor, her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter from Houston. We had lots of laughs and I enjoyed getting to know Elaine’s family. This is a group photo of all the ladies holding their masterpieces!!

My car has had issues recently. Air conditioning stopped blowing cold air. The driver’s side door has issues. It is at a shop in Hammond right now to hopefully be fixed and back on the road soon.

The Cracker Barrel rockers that my friends Susan and Bob gave me a while back are finally restored and I love how they turned out.

I have not even attempted to put all this in chronological order which is impossible at this point because I don’t even remotely remember in what order it all happened.

Three of my Southeastern girlfriends met for lunch at Chookies where I get my oyster shells to decorate. Donna, Cindy, Sandy, and I visited for 3 hours catching up on everything in each other’s lives. Here we are:

Chip found these two bicycles out by the road somewhere and asked the people if they were getting rid of them. They said yes and he brought them home for me to use somewhere in a garden around here. He knew I’d love them! They are Radio Flyer bicycles and look to be decades old. They need work to spruce them back up. I will tackle that project soon and I plan to find bicycle baskets for the front to hold flowers in!

I think that is enough for now so looking to the future I hope ya’ll have a wonderful August!

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