2022, Inspirational

06.03.22 You can’t just pray. You have to do something, by Becky Thompson

“What are you going to do? You can’t just pray. You have to do something.”

It is a comment I have read over and over on social media.

It has been said in response to local tragedies, overseas terror, after a loss across town and across the country.

“You can’t just pray. You have to do something.”

And I want to be very very clear… just in case you don’t read any further. Yes. There are additional steps we can take after we pray.

But hear me say this.
Prayer isn’t something we “JUST” do.
Prayer is not our last resort.
Prayer isn’t a nice thought.
It’s not a meaningless gesture or a comment on a social feed.

Prayer is our greatest weapon.

Because when we say we are praying, we mean that we are talking to God and expecting Him to answer

We are speaking to the Creator of the Universe as His children, believing He will respond.

We are talking with the only One who can change something in an instant, who can share His strategies with us, who can

Comfort supernaturally, who can step into what only God can do.

We share our hearts… And He shares His.

But see, His heart comes with Heaven’s strategies. It comes with wisdom for what to do outside of what our human minds could conceive. His heart comes with an infusion of hope, strength, and love so that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus… the boots on the ground.

I don’t pray because it’s nice. I pray because it’s necessary.

Because I believe what Scripture says is true. I believe that the world is broken and will remain broken until Jesus comes again.

BUT the only HOPE we have is that God said He would not leave us to walk through this brokenness alone. I cannot promise others a world free from pain, but I can promise others a world where they have access to God’s continual presence.

Because God did not leave us to experience this suffering on our own. Jesus walked the earth and made a way for us to be with Him by sending His Spirit.

My friend, you and I know that we can’t fix it. We can’t fix the world. But we can rescue others from believing they are alone. We can offer ETERNAL hope. We can let others feel God’s love through us.

We are carriers of the ANSWER. It’s not the answer the world wants or the answer they even understand. But it’s the only one that’s True.

“God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever should believe in Him would not die, but have eternal life.”

So we pray. We pray that He would step in. We pray that God would show us what to do. We pray that others would come to know the Truth.

And we wait and listen for what Heaven says next.

If you’re overwhelmed that all you can do today is pray… then my friend, you undervalue your greatest weapon. Your prayer is action. You are just warring in a way others cannot see.

I’m praying with you.

So much love,


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