2022, Rosalyn's Life

06.01.22 Rosalyn’s Life Update

It’s been almost a month since my last personal post here on BECAUSE HE LIVES. A bunch of readers asked me to share how I am doing from time to time. I like that idea so here it is!

I am happy, very happy. I love being back at my home in Amite and all that goes with living here.

The blackberries are abundant this year and I’ve been picking a lot of them, making blackberry cobbler, and pouring them over the homemade ice cream we made.

Sitting out on the patio is the most comforting and de-stressing part of my life. I get to enjoy it every day.

I am growing tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, and green onions. Not like I used to but it will produce enough for me. There’s nothing like a fresh off the vine tomato and I’m really looking forward to enjoying those soon!

Chip continues to be a huge help and great company to me out here which I am thankful for.

My grandkids are back to playing softball/baseball and I am enjoying seeing them play and just being with them. They are precious to me as always!

My brain is doing no worse than it was which I am extremely thankful for.

I have new friends who are blessing my life in many ways. I had lunch with one of them yesterday and came home with several oyster shells to decoupage!

It’s hot here in Louisiana and I hate that, nothing new!!! so all is not perfect!

I’ve only had one doctor appointment this year!!! My health is okay and my diabetes seems to be really under control! My A1C needs to be checked soon to see if I can have the hand surgery I need.

My sort of new dentures have been a small problem but I addressed that at a dentist visit. The upper fit much better but the lower are still a problem.

Our road, Rohner Road, is being blacktopped right now!!!! No more dust and rocks going everywhere when someone drives down the road.

My life is interesting and is on the right track for the future. I think that is a pretty good overall look at how I am doing so I’ll do this from time to time. I appreciate the prayers from ya’ll and ask that you keep them coming!

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