2022, Rosalyn's Life


When I created this blog in 2012 I never envisioned still writing almost 10 years later. My brain was just starting to show signs of having dementia back then. I felt very blessed to have the ability to write, share life, and even include pictures.

Early on it was very easy for me to write and complete several paragraphs for a post in an hour or so and Roy proofread everything before I published it. And during our travels, there was always some adventure to write about.

Since Roy died I’ve realized how very much I depended on him for help with remembering events, proofreading what I wrote, and working with pictures.

Putting together something that makes sense and flows properly now takes me 2 days or more and working with the pictures seems to add another day to the. process. Roy isn’t here any longer to encourage me and check it over for me. It takes so much time now and I’m really not happy with the results this past year. Instead of writing stimulating and helping my brain, it is wearing it down now.

So…… I’ve decided that once I finish this and last week’s post I will not be publishing what I write any longer.

Since my blog really does help me keep track of things and documents a lot for me, I still need to write. It will not take much time for me to write something that I don’t need to worry about sounding or looking good if I am only writing for me so I’ll still write but it won’t be published.

It has been a wonderful part of my life all these years and I thank everyone who has been on this journey with me. I can’t imagine not writing while we were traveling and the small parts of our lives in between travels. I go back to posts written as we traveled and enjoy the adventure all over again. It has also been a beautiful way for me to relive moments that Roy and I shared. Dementia has taken a lot of memories away but having ten years of memories documented is precious to me.

This blog was first called Dora and the Explorers and after we stopped traveling it became Because He Lives. It will stay available as long as I can keep it up there. I will continue to share articles written by others that touch me in some way and if some major change occurs in my life I’ll try to share.

Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog, those who randomly read a post here or there, and all who supported and encouraged me along the way. May God Bless each of you. If you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior I am always available to talk at rosalynchauvin1@gmail.com! I am no expert but I am a child of God and truly hope you are too!


3 thoughts on “04.29.22 IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE”

  1. I have enjoyed this blog since day one. I hate to see it go, but I totally understand your reasons. I hope you do as you said and continue to write…for yourself…and your family.


  2. Roseland this is Joyce Sally’s sister and I enjoyed reading your post I love u an Roy and I want you to know I love reading things that you do and make it that you’re hanging in there I know about the dementia as you know Sally went through that with Eddie and we miss him dearly I’m going through it with my sister shelv she lives in Ohio but since she got dementia she moved to South Carolina with her son and lives in a Nursing home so don’t give up with your blog people will still understand and enjoy it love you God bless you and I hope to see your blog again if not I do think of you and say my blessings for you love Joyce


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