05.02.22 April 18 to May 1, 2022 My last weekly blog, pulling weeds, planting grass, picking blackberries, blackberry cobbler, Chip’s crawfish and shrimp bisque, blueberry bushes, rose bushes, Baby girl’s kitties, Worship at Trinity, membership class, Buddy’s grooming, insurance test, dinner at LaCaretta, Thank You

The first part of the first week of this last blog post started off with a pretty much lazy and doing nothing day. I rarely do that but after a busy week last week I’m giving in to what my body and brain are telling me they need.

Scooting around the front and side yards pulling handful after handful of weeds has my right hand in pain and cramping. I overdid it and now need to rest that hand and pamper it until it gets better. The very next day I pulled weeds again because, well, I either don’t know when to stop or I love pain…

It is sad that there was so much of it destroyed by downed pine trees in the backyard after Hurricane Ida. Then when the trees sat out by the road for months waiting to get picked up, that grass died. It is sad to see those large spaces of grass dead and it’s just more work. We bought more sod to help those areas fill back in. I worked on that the second week of this post and hopefully, it will take root and start spreading soon!

You probably remember that we have blackberries growing along the fence line of our road and other nearby roads and fields. There are dewberries and blackberries. Chip is loving this part of living out here. If you’re hungry just walk out to the road and pick some berries!

The day after that picture was taken this happened. Chip knocked on my door and when he came in he was holding a bucket and a big piece of paper (see below). He knows that I can’t do like I use to and check out all along the road for the best batch of blueberries because it is difficult and strenuous. He investigated that for me and made a map. Does this kid know me or what! He sat down and showed me everything on the map so I would understand it and gave me the bucket for whenever I wanted to go pick!

We picked a whole bunch of blackberries the second week and will put them in a blueberry dessert I’m making for our New Member’s Class/Luncheon on May 1st.

My favorite fence line to pick berries on E. Bell Road

The blueberry bushes next to the house are much much bigger than in past years. They are full of blueberries and I can’t wait for them to be ready to pick!

This was less than a month ago.

The roses in the front flower bed are blooming like crazy. I think next year these beds will need to be expanded so the roses don’t overtake the liriope like they are doing this year.

This is the back patio rug. The wind has been so strong lately that it has been flying off the patio. Chip got some velcro and put it down with that and it is staying in place finally!

Baby girl’s kitties are getting bigger and their little legs are starting to gain some strength. They are all just precious!

They visited me while I was planting grass!

The Amite Book Sale was held in the Amite Community Center.

My friend Cindy (that’s lived here forever) and I went to the sale. When we walked in I was blown away at the number of books and all the people there. It’s not really a sale, you can get however many books you want for whatever donation you can make. You bring your own box or use one of theirs and roam from one table to another checking out the hardback books, softback books, audiotapes, videotapes, and children’s books. Under all of the tables, there are boxes also filled up with as many books as there were on the tables. Crazy, amazing experience. I went in thinking I won’t get any or much since I do all my reading on my Kindle. Well, 20 books and some DVDs later my carrying arm felt like it would snap from all the weight! A nice man with a dolly brought Cindy’s box and mine out to my car! The picture below is pitiful and it shows only about a third of the room.

Buddy was groomed this week and they took precious photos of him. My friends on Facebook helped me select the best one and it’snow y FB profile photo. Here is my precious little man!

Right before I was going to publish this post, Buddy came to the front door all wet which probably happened in the pond. He surely doesn’t look like he did in that photo. He’s going to stay outside for a while until he dries!

Chip passed his Insurance agent test, on the first try, so he could be re-licensed. We celebrated by going out to eat at LaCaretta in Amite! Congratulations Chip, for a lot of reasos I see a bright future ahead for you!

Saturday I planned to attend an Art with Rebecca event at church. Since I overdid weed pulling and grass planting during the week, my back screamed and I didn’t get to go. This is the group picture they took with all of the beautiful paintings!

I rested most of Saturday, so that it didn’t get worse and keep me home Sunday. It really helped.

Sunday after church we had a Membership class where new members or people considering becoming members learn about our church, what we believe, and how they can help our church do God’s work. It also involved our current members preparing and serving dinner to the new folks. Chip cooked his crawfish, shrimp and corn bisque. I cooked fresh picked blackberry cobbler and green beans. Besides eating and learning, we all had an opportunity to know each other better! I really loved this! This is the blackberry cobbler before it was cooked.

What will I do with myself not taking several pictures of everything that happens in my life. That’s a habit that has gone on for almost ten years. At the beginning of our travels Roy use to roll his eyeballs when I’d get out the camera. The last few years if I DIDN’T take a picture of something he was doing he’d ask me why I wasn’t! Then he would pose for it!

This is the link to our church’s Worship Service on Sunday, May 1st.

https://fb.watch/cKUim57uFs/ THE COST OF FOLLOWING JESUS

If you don’t want to miss our Pastor, Avery Dixon, preaching become friends with Trinity Baptist Church – Hammond, La at https://www.facebook.com/trinitychurchla and around 10:45 am on Sunday morning you’ll get a notification that the service is Live.

I’ll be doing a lot of cleanup of the almost 1800 posts I’ve published so if I inadvertenly publish something I shouldn’t please just laugh and know that’s Rosalyn!

I thank you all for giving me the space and understanding I needed when Roy died and I poured my heart out here. That helped me tremendously. He was my life and his death was devastating. I’ve changed and grown since then and ya’ll were along for the ride. Thank you for that!

Well, that wraps up the last blog I will publish about my life. At least for now it is the last! So many friends and followers have written that they will miss it. That has warmed my heart more than you could know. This is going to be a big change for me since it’s been such an important part of my life for so long. I am looking forward to this new season in my life and hope that you all will pray for me as the future unfolds!

Thanks, guys and gals! Rosalyn

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