04.18.22 April 11 to April 17, 2022, Baby Girl’s kittens, broken toilet (again), vegetables, This Old House, Good Friday Worship, Family Easter, Easter egg hunt, Sunday Worship, new grass

And this is how I look also!

Remember how my New Years’ Resolution was to not go to any doctors this year. It is mid April and I am successfully keeping that resolution. We’ll see how far into 2022 I make it!

Chip’s cat, named Baby Girl, was brought home from where we evacuated to in Arkansas. Baby Girl just gave birth to a litter of six kittens. She’s been such a good mama and set up her new family’s home under a pile of pine trees that fell during Hurricane Ida. They are precious and the story gets better. When Chip posted this picture on Facebook a lady saw it and contacted him. Three baby kitties were abandoned and she took them in. She asked Chip if Baby Girl could take those three in as her babies so they could be fed and have a better chance of living. Chip said yes and now Baby Girl has 8 kitties. As time goes on I’ll give ya’ll updates!

Chip showing Amy, Ella, Jacob and Gracie the kitties and where they are living
Granddaughter Ella and Buddy loving on one of the kitties

Two days after Roto-Rooter fixed my toilets the fix broke. The guest bathroom toilet is fine now, all on its own. Thank goodness because that would not have been good with family coming over for Easter. Chip worked for hours on my toilet and it is unclogged but the toilet doesn’t sit level. I’m going to have to contact the plumber again to get them to fix that.

My vegetables growing in pots are growing nicely. The green beans are doing the best. I never have a lot of luck with green onions as they stay spindly and don’t develop much even with fertilizer. That’s happening again this year. It’s only been a couple of weeks so there’s still time for them.

For decades we watched the PBS show “This Old House” every Saturday at 8:30 am. Roy knew a lot about house building and renovation. He was also a licensed home inspector, but he also learned so many tips by watching that show. I didn’t watch the show for a long time after Roy died, it was too difficult for me. I am back to watching it now. I probably don’t need to know but maybe 5 percent of what I watch. Having watched it for so very long it is a comfort for me to hear the sounds of the constructions and the voices of the men and women on the show that have been there for decades. I am so thankful that they are still on.

Not that I could do what she does, but this lady is as old as I am!

Friday evening our church had a Good Friday Worship Service that Chip and I went to. We’ve been having a service on Good Friday for a few years but this was our first one to attend. We celebrated the gift of salvation that Jesus Christ gave us on the cross and remind ourselves of God’s love and grace!

My friend, Kendal, sat with us which was nice. Bro. Avery’s sermon and the music was so special. I left the service understanding more about how the Old Testament (hundreds of years before) spoke about details that happened on Good Friday (hundreds of years later.)

Here is the link to our Good Friday Worship Service, https://fb.watch/cqNlcOBdjH/


Now that a lot of weeds were pulled, flowers potted or planted, grass cut, food cooked, house deep cleaned, and patio decorated I was as ready for Easter with my precious family as I could get.

Chad, Chip, Amy, Ella, Jacob, Caroline, Gracie, and I shared Resurrection Day afternoon together eating, visiting, and playing. They all got to hold Baby Girl’s kitties, fished and searched all over for their color Easter eggs.

Each of my grandchildren has a different colored basket at my house with plastic eggs that match that color. The eggs were hidden around our property according to each one’s ability to find the eggs from easy to difficult. They each know their color and only find and put in their basket their color eggs. This prevents one child from getting more than any other child. It was really sweet to see the older ones help the little ones find theirs after the older ones found all of theirs.

I bought a string of pastel colored decorative lights. My friend Cindy V gave me a bunch of plastic eggs to put the lights in. As soon as I started to “try” to do that I realized Chip needed to get involved. He cut holes in each egg and somehow put some of the wiring in the egg so it didn’t show. I placed them at the back of our food table under the patio and they looked so cute. Thanks, Cindy and Chip for again coming through for me!

While we had a lot of food to eat I only remembered to take a picture of the banana pudding!

Here is a link to Trinity’s Resurrection Day Worship Service post. https://rosalynchauvin.com/2022/04/17/04-17-22-jesus-rose-from-the-grave-resurrection-day-sermon-at-trinity-baptist-church/

Over time the grass that we worked so hard to get rooted and grow over by the RV space where our renter lived was worn down and almost didn’t exist any longer. Chip purchased enough grass to almost cover the space and will get a bit more to complete covering it. Buddy seems to like it!

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