2022, Rosalyn's Life

04.13.22 April 4 to April 10, 2022 Life is Changing, Landry as Annie, Easter Baskets, Seashells, Trinity at Strawberry Festival

My life has been changing and I am much happier. The beautiful weather and temperatures lately allow me to open the windows and outside doors and enjoy more of God’s beautiful creation. I can even overlook all the pollen, dead grass pieces, and whatever that blows in and lands all around the floors and furniture, just to have a beautiful breeze blow through.

I’ve gotten much closer to having my home exactly how I want it to be and knowing where everything is located in the house. Some new patio furniture would really help and may come soon!

I made a few more decoupaged seashells and gave them to more of the ladies in church this morning. I even had a request from one of the ladies for one with a peacock on it! She’ll be receiving it next Sunday!

This week my oldest son Chad became 43 years old and my sister became, hmmm better not go there! Happy Birthday, Chad and Harriett.!

This week one of the young girls at church, 11-year-old Landry, was the star in her school’s play ANNIE Jr. Chip, myself, and my friend Kendal went to the Thursday night show. This wasn’t any old regular play with each child having a few lines. This was a full-out musical play and Landry, being Annie, had the most lines to speak and to sing. The kids put so much time and effort into knowing all their lines and the songs for the scenes they were in.

This young girl has a mom, Ashley, whose voice is powerful, clear and beautiful. Landry’s voice is just like her mom’s. Her presence on the stage was far beyond fifth grade. The multitudes of expressions throughout the play were amazing. I know I will be seeing her in more plays as she grows up.

Landry sits behind me sometimes in church. Last Sunday I told her I hoped she had fun during the upcoming performances. This Sunday she told me that she did have fun. We always asked our boys after each baseball game if they had fun. That’s what matters most.

Here are some of the pictures her mom and I took that night. She’s the beautiful little lady in her red Annie dress in the first picture.

Sunday was a beautiful sunshiny day. My friend, Kendal, surprised me before church by giving me an Easter basket with art supplies in it, a basket with Gold Brick Eggs, and a blue stuffed bunny. I have never had anyone give me an Easter basket since I was little. This meant so much to me and put a big smile on my heart. Thank you so much Kendal for making me feel so special!

Here is a link to this morning’s Worship Service. This old lady who has read and studied her Bible all her life has been learning so much each week from our young pastor. The sermon is titled A DIFFERENT KING. Please take a few minutes and watch it!

Our church had a booth that sold PASTALAYA at the Strawberry Festival this weekend. First time ever we’ve had a booth and all the money raised will be used by our Children/Youth/College & Career ministries.

Lots of people did a lot of hard work helping to make this possible. These are some of the people who helped chop ingredients for the Pastalaya! Here they are chopping 80 lbs of sausage and 80 lbs of chicken. Before the festival, they chopped 200 pounds of each and ran out of Pastalaya after the second day.

COVID stopped the Festival from happening the last two years so everyone was READY to have it back once again. Like so many things I’d love to go to, my old self had to stay home and enjoy photos taken by others. Someone took aerial photos of the festival grounds and all the connecting streets where food booths, strawberries fixed every which way, flats of strawberries, and carnival rides were going on for three days ending today.

That’s it for this week in my life.

My journey through grief has not been so overwhelmingly sad lately. There is more real joy and peaceful times. There are still plenty of memories all around me of my life and love with Roy but I feel like I can look forward to the future being brighter than it has been these last 19 months. Please pray for guidance for me as I work my way through this new phase of my life.

My kids and grandkids are coming to my home for Easter next Sunday. My favorite days are when they are here!

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