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04.04.22 March 28 to April 3, 2022 1,439 posts, spring pollen, seashells, bunny coasters, Jo and Vivian, hummingbird feeder, wind chimes, Summer’s Haven, American Antiques, eating at Mike’s Catfish, blueberries, wind events

As of today, I’ve published 1,439 posts on this blog Dora and the Explorers/Because He Lives since 2012 when we first started planning to buy a motorhome and live on the road traveling throughout this beautiful country of ours!

Spring pollen is very obvious here. The water in the pond flows to our end so the pollen does also. The first two pictures show that. It was gone in two days so that’s good! The third picture shows where most of the pine trees use to be that fell during Hurricane Ida. They were cut down as far as could be at that time. I greatly dislike looking at the stumps and hope eventually we will be able to get rid of them or they will rot!

I worked on creating more of the decoupaged seashells, including larger size seashells, and two coasters for the living room.

A friend shared this precious photo on Facebook recently. It’s my mama, Jo Traylor and her husband, Vivian Traylor many years ago. They were such a special, happy couple and I am so thankful that mama met him in her older years!

This large wind chime was something Roy saw at Tractor Supply and had to have. Chip moved it to this large oak tree many feet in the air and it plays beautiful sounds all the time. I have three other ones around the property but this one is the largest.

It’s time for the hummingbirds to return. One came by today to feast from this pretty feeder Chad and Amy gave me for Christmas!

The blueberry bushes are coming along quite nicely. The flowers have come and mostly replaced by leaves and tiny tiny blueberries and flowers. These two photos were taken one week apart.

Wednesday another wind event made its way here picking up my big heavy patio rug and throwing it into the yard. This is twice in two weeks for the wind event fun.

My friend Cindy V and I spent Friday shopping and eating! Mike’s Catfish in Amite was the eating establishment we visited where I enjoyed a Seafood Stuffed Potato! I haven’t been to Mike’s in a couple years and really enjoyed it!

We shopped in Amite in a store with new ownership and the name changed that is now American Vintage Antiques & Consignment. They now have vendors renting space in the store, those are the things I liked best, along with all the shop’s things for sale. I really like it much better than before and even purchased a couple of things.

They are located at 207 E Oak St in Amite, 985-507-6684, http://www.americanvintagela.com.

These are some photos of items in the store. It is a really nice store that I will go back to and spend the day looking at everything there a little more closely. Some things I found to be exceptionally low priced and deserve a second look!

With over 8,000 square feet of showroom, if you’re looking for anything vintage or antique, tools, music, books, dolls, glassware, furniture, decor, primitive or almost any collection they have it! This next photo slideshow is a new photo display option that I am trying out this week.

Then on we went to another new shop with fabric and quilting supplies called Summer’s Haven Quilt Shop.

They are located at 211 North 1st Street, Suite 102, Amite, 985-517-5973, https://www.summershavenstore.com.

Friday was their opening day. I don’t quilt and rarely sew but I do have a project I’ll be working on soon that I’ll use some fabric. I got lots of ideas there!

From there we went to our favorite store Dirt Cheap where we found some treasures to buy. The pharmacy and grocery wrapped up our day.

This week I got more house organization done, mostly the pantry and refrigerator and my closet. Having those things organized always makes me feel better!

Sunday our Bible Study was from 1 Thessalonians. We learned a lot and enjoyed some fellowship and laughter along the way. We didn’thave internet at church so the folks joining us from home had their own online Bible Study. I love our little Bible Study family and missed those online folks!

The sermon in our Worship Service was from Mark 14: 22-28, A NEW COVENANT IN HIS BLOOD. Here a link to the service, https://fb.watch/caZPSVClf2/

Ya’ll have a wonderful first full week of April! My son Chad, my sister Harriett and my littlest granddaughter Gracie Jane all celebrate birthdays in April! Happy Birthday to each of you!

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