2022, Rosalyn's Life

03.28.22 March 20 to March 26, 2022 Ending on Sunday, Claude’s gift, Easter favorite rocks, Tootsie pop Easter bunnies, state rocks, decoupaged seashells, seed plantings, weed pulling, tree cutting, old folks Spring luncheon, softball hitting

I am going to end the future weekly summaries on Sunday instead of starting them then. That is the best day of the week for me and I really don’t like to have to wait almost a week to share it!

After church last Sunday one of the young men, John, that sits in front of me in church, came into the nursery carrying a white styrofoam container. I couldn’t imagine what was in it! Recently he posted a picture of a whole slew of sausage they made. I asked if I could buy some and he said they don’t sell it. They just make some every year for their family.

When John told me that his dad Claude asked him to bring some of their pork sausage to me I felt super honored!!! I was blown away at that kindness. I cannot wait to eat it!

Here is a link to my post about our Sunday, March 20th Sermon

It is that time again when I get to create some of my favorite rocks. See the first 2 rocks below. 3 NAILS + 1 CROSS EQUALS 4 GIVEN (FORGIVEN) which is a summary of what Jesus Christ endured for us on the cross to forgive our sins.

Another friend Cindy LeBlanc shares her napkin collection with me. How weird is it that my two good friends that share craft goodies with me are both named Cindy!!?? One of the napkins I fell in love with is an Easter napkin that she only had one single napkin. It’s perfect for small-medium rocks because I can cut out individual items to apply to the rock. These are some that I recently made and there is plenty of the napkin left to make more rocks!

I received my permanent bottom partial dentures this week. It’s a lot different than the top ones. The bottom ones don’t need denture paste to stay in place. It will take a while to get used to wearing them just like the top ones did. The first couple of days wearing them was weird. They kept coming loose and I had food and teeth moving around in my mouth at the same time!

Cindy Vernon and I spent a couple of hours this week making Easter bunnies out of Tootsie Pops. She had all the parts for the bunnies all set out and we enjoyed visiting while we were creating! Four of these are for my grandchildren and one is for the great-granddaughter of a dear friend of mine.

I’ve enjoyed creating some Easter bunny trivets for friends and have been giving a lot of the decoupaged seashells to lady friends at church. If you didn’t get one this Sunday there will be more next Sunday!

When Roy and I were traveling we collected big rocks from every state. We brought them home and created a border with them for one of the flower gardens. Every year or so I clean them up and rewrite the state’s name on them. I worked on that this week. I also sprayed each one with clear coat to preserve the state’s name. Chip will take these back to the garden now that they are done and will bring some more for me to work on! I like to think of the places we got to see in each state as I work on them.

I had four types of seeds to plant. Agapanthus seeds, wildflower seeds, sunflower seeds and 4 o’clock seeds. When I got around to planting them I couldn’t find the wildflower or the 4 o’clock seeds. Still haven’t found them but I did get planted the sunflower seeds and agapanthus seeds. They are planted between the azalea bushes along the property fence line. When I find them, or even if I have to buy more, I will get those in the ground. I case you don’t know what a 4 o’clock flower is I’ll tell you. I grew up with them on the fence line in the alleyway that runs behind most homes in New Orleans. This is what they look like.

These two photos of three pots don’t look like much but they contain two tomato plants, several cucumber sprouted seeds, a whole bunch of green bean seeds in one and a whole bunch of green onion seeds in the other. This is my garden this year and is all I can handle unlike the nice full garden we use to have.

Our Senior Adult Spring Luncheon was Saturday. Lots of us old folks gathered to enjoy a delicious meal of pork chops, baked beans, green beans, potatoes au gratin and some scrumptious desserts that made my high glucose beeper go off. They were too delicious to resist!

Bro. Bob Adams was our speaker and as always I love to hear his wisdom and encouraging words. I share his Sunday facebook post some times here so if you’ve read one you know how comforting and wise his words are. Thank you Bro. Bob!

Rebecca Willoughby created the pretty centerpieces for all the tables. Thank you Rebecca! I enjoyed sitting at the table with with Rebecca, Nancy Bankston and Linda Gatlin. And a big thanks to all that cooked and served us the wonderful meal.

Here’s a link to my post about our March 27th Worship Service at Trinity Baptist Church.

After church Chip wanted to hit some softballs at the church softball field. Mama sat in the cool shade and enjoyed watching him hit a lot of balls!

When we got back home Chip cut and moved some trees that fell in the pond and around the pond. I am so thankful he takes care of all that! One of the things I enjoyed doing is pulling weeds from some of the places where the grass was killed by pine trees that fell there after Hurricane Ida and laid there for about a month before they were drug to the front where they killed the grass waiting for the parish to pick up the pile of trees. Here’s a picture of the area I worked in. My goal this week is to spend at least one hour pulling the weeds from each of the areas where the 11 pine trees killed the grass. It’s time to start watering as much as I can each day. That’s what it takes to make things pretty!

Something rather nice is happening in my life right now that makes me happy. So much sadness has lived in my life since Roy died that it’s nice to see a light out there for better things to come. Being back in my home in Amite is one of the reasons I smile when I open the back door each morning, hear the birds sing, see the water in the pond flowing by and I get to enjoy the beauty of what Roy and I created here. I thank God and I thank Roy for giving this to me.

More happened last week but this is all I could get written for now so I’ll publish it and hope you read next week’s summary of Rosalyn’s Life!

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