2022, Rosalyn's Life

3.20.22 March 13 to March 20, 2022 Pinecones, earring and necklace crafts, kids at Church, beautiful afghan, pulling weeds, lost keys, planting flowers in pots, huge vegetable garden, new lawnmower, new starter and radiator, Dish (yay!), Verizon (boo!), clean windows, Buddy, kiddos in the Nursery

I am aiming to accomplish a one week summary of my daily life by writing A LITTLE, ha ha, each day. Let’s see how that goes!!

Sunday the time changed to the time it should stay all year, in my most humble opinion and in most everyone I know’s opinion.

If you read my post with the video of this Sunday’s Worship Service you know what a blessing today was. There are a few children that sit right in front of me that obviously love being in church. Paul with his arm around his Mimi listening attentively, Silas, being Silas loving his Mama, and last but certainly not least, Saddie hugging on both mom and dad. These are children raised on the Word of God. I love watching them grow up and seeing their families together in God’s house every Sunday.

This is the finished afghan that Cindy made for me and I am enjoying right now! The living room chairs that the yarn was chosen to match really does match it lots more than the picture looks like. Thanks girl!

When I left for church Buddy was struggling to get his trachea open to breathe. When we got home he was perfectly fine. This collapsing trachea is like that. He takes medicine two sometimes three times a day for it.

Chip and I both got a lot of outside work done after church. The shop got a good clean up, plants potted and two tubs of Christmas decorations were stored!! Saturday night the temperature outside got down to 29. All of the plants I showed ya’ll last time had to be covered and put up against the wall on the patio. Today they had to be put back where they belong!

I pulled weeds that were growing like crazy behind the blueberry bushes. You know I always scoot around in the dirt from place to place. I did really good this time, I was FILTHY when I was finished.

Remember back when we use to have a nice garden growing lots of vegetables. Well, this year’s garden is way different. I planted some cucumber seeds in the big pot where the 2 tomato bushes are growing. In two other big pots I planted green onion seeds and green bean seeds. That’s it! Sunflower seeds will be planted on the fence line down by the pond.

Monday started off great until I was ready to leave for the dentist to try in my partial bottom dentures. I was borrowing Chip’s car and could not find the keys he left for me. The only set of keys….. We both searched everything inside and outside at least twice, including the kitchen garbage can and the big can outside. After an hour of looking, I called the dentist to postpone the appointment. They were kind and understanding, thank goodness. Then after three total hours of both of us looking I found them. Yesterday, as I wrote above, I pulled weeds behind the blueberry bushes. One of the piles of weeds were thrown over the fence into the woods. Finally, that was checked out by sticking a rake through the fence to pull the weeds apart. There were the keys!!!! How they possibly got there I don’t know. Maybe they fell out of my pocket when I was scooting and crawling behind the blueberry bushes to pull the weeds.

The postponed dentist visit went well. I had the final try-in of my temporary partial lower dentures. I could have gone back for the permanent ones this Wednesday but I really don’t want to go anywhere else this week so I scheduled it for next Monday.

Between being busy every day recently and all the stress and activity of looking for the keys then driving Chip’s big truck back and forth to Hammond I came back and laid on my sofa. I can’t remember the last time I actually laid on the couch. But today I had to do that. I was overwhelmed with exhaustion. I guess I had a certain amount of energy and used it all up.

Thankfully my sweet son Chip came through for his mom and cooked a pot of crawfish and corn soup. Oh, my word was that delicious. Full of delicious stuff and it actually helped me have the energy to sit up and eat! He even cleaned the kitchen and put the remaining soup into containers. All I had to do was put the cleaned big cooking pot away!

So Tuesday started well with a visit from my friend Cindy V showing me some new decorations she made from pinecones. We talked about doing those recently and she jumped on it. I love both of the ones she showed me. She left them for inspiration when I make some which I will be doing soon. We plan to make a lot of things and sell them at the annual 15 Mile Yard sale in November.

Then she brought out some amazing looking necklaces she made using the one remaining earring from a pair of earrings. The gold and white necklaces is one of them and it belongs to me now! She also made these earrings and they are mine too!

My plans for the day after Cindy’s visit INCLUDED: 1) To pack up the broken down moving boxes that were loaned to me by my wonderful friend Robbie Pittman. I bought some and since we’ve all agreed I am never moving again I won’t need those EVER! DONE!

2) Buy a riding lawnmower so that grass cutting this year is never a problem

After doing a lot of research into how best I should acquire a riding lawnmower and running each idea past Chip, I now have one on order. It’s a Husqvarna 18.5-HP Hydrostatic 42-in Riding Lawn Mower. It’s from Lowes and will be here tomorrow, Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not the fancy one Roy would have chosen but this is a big thing for me to buy this and I am proud of working through the process.

We’ll be selling Roy’s old Toro Zero Turn on Facebook’s Marketplace. The deck is dead and thrown away and it needs a new muffler so that’s what the purchaser would have to plan on adding.

3) Call DISH to find out why I cannot connect any longer

DISH went well but after a long unsuccessful attempt to correct the problem remotely a service technician appointment was scheduled for Thursday to fix it. Yay, I hopefully can watch regular TV again on Thursday.

, 4) Call Verizon about ordering a new phone.

Next, my phone has sound issues and other issues so I need a new one. I went online and looked at what is available for my phone plan. I then thought calling to order it would ensure I got the correct one. I spent 2 hours on the phone with a Verizon representative with whom I had severe difficulties. I am now waiting for her Supervisor to call me so that I can get what I want. Well, they never called back and I’ve been busy with other things so I’ll go into the store next week to get one.

Lowe’s was right on time and delivered a most beautiful, probably just to Chip and I, riding lawnmower. Chip jumped right on and took off!

The grass got cut, the weeds eaten, and pine needles transported that day. It looks wonderful around here!

The outside of the house windows REALLY needed a good cleaning. I found something that made what use to be a laborious job much easier. This was an all in one box Windex product and it worked really good.

Friday was really nice outside and I spent time pulling weeds out of the grass. If you haven’t been reading my blog very long you don’t know that I love to pull weeds, mostly out of the grass! If you planted every bit of grass that is growing on this property you’d want to keep weeds out so that grass.

Chip put a new starter and radiator in my car this week.

My dear Buddy’s collapsing trachea is worsening and at least half the day and night he struggles to breathe. Then he turns around and plays and runs all around the place. We’re taking it day by day.

A lot of what is hopefully the last unpacking from the move was done this week. Still some minor projects to complete which will be done a little at a time! I have my list and am taking them one at a time. I love crossing off items on a list when they are done!

Sunday Chip and I kept the little ones in the Nursery at church. We had four little girls and one little boy. Here’s a picture of them crawling on Chip’s back and playing on the floor. Good thing one of us is young enough to do that!

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