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02.19.22 February 2 to February 19, 2022 House renting, house not renting, me moving in, Jeaux Burreaux

OOPS! l forgot to write last week! I know ya’ll were just sitting by your computer waiting for the announcement email to appear and sadly it did not!

Last week was busy with house rental stuff. Chip showed the house on Sunday to a great couple. They loved the property but since they could not see the inside of the house they wanted to do that, of course, before committing.  Maybe it was Monday that I met them out there and showed them the inside. One comment they made was that the rooms are bigger than they look in the photos. Might have to take some new pictures! Anyway, they rented it, signed the lease and paid me money!

Then…… two days later I get a text message that the husband had received an amazing job offer in Northern Louisiana and he was going to take it. So the lease they just signed needed to be broken. They and I went back and forth over what money I should give back to them. I consulted with my sons and a friend about this and I really appreciated their guidance even if it didn’t work out like I wanted. After speaking with the Justice of the Peace I found out what I legally could and could not do.  I followed her advice. The renter and I came to an agreement based on them proving to me that the job offer is real. Having spent a couple of days working that out I decided to put the house for rent ad back on Marketplace and contacted a couple of the applicants from last time.

I decided to only list it for two days since this is getting tiring. Again, if I don’t find the right one I’ll move back to Amite. I got a lot of interest and four couples completed the application so they have been invited to tour the house and property. One came on Tuesday. They loved it but had other houses to look at. 

The second couple came but they wouldn’t have money until March 1st. While I was out there showing the couple around the property, down by the pond, and throughout the house I realized how much I miss living there. The pull to move back was very strong and I decided right there I’ll move back. These next few days I’ll be back to house packing. Joy, Joy!

I plan to go through every room and get rid of things I really don’t need. That should be fun, really, and I kinda look forward to that!

The Superbowl was great until the Bengals lost. I was very proud of how Joe Burrows, our LSU Heisman trophy winning Quarterback, played. He is such a mature, wise young man with natural talent and I enjoy watching him play.  Our Louisiana saying for him is

Geaux Jeaux Burreaux

It’s probably the first time all of Louisiana was supporting the Cincinnati Bengals and while Jeaux is there we’ll continue to be!

My Sunday School class had its quarterly dinner gathering on Valentine’s Day at Mami’s Mexican restaurant in Springfield. I planned to go, I wanted to go, but halfway through that day, I realized I was not ready to go to a dinner with all couples on Valentine’s Day. It made me sad and uncomfortable so I didn’t go. I know that one-day things like that won’t bother me, I just wish it was today.

Since deciding to move I have been going non-stop packing and cleaning getting ready to move. Everything in one big closet is packed up, most everything in another closet is packed and my guest bathroom is packed. Also, I started working on packing my rock room goodies. That one will take a while because I kept getting drawn to doing a craft or two. I packed my first carload to bring to Amite on Friday of this week. It was nice putting something back in their place in the house in Amite.

I spent a lot of time while there cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning. This cleaning both houses and packing is a lot. But after next Saturday when I am moved in it will all be worth it.

My long-time friend Robbie Blanchard Pittman let me use a bunch of packing boxes that are really helping a lot. Another dear friend Cindy Vernon is letting me use her trailer so I can make this move without paying for movers again! Chauvin Chip is all over all of this and I so appreciate all of you! Also, a bunch of my stuff that I don’t want to move was sold this week. And a lot was thrown out!

I plan to have everything other than furniture moved during this next week. Next Saturday Chad and Chip are going to move that furniture.

Before I got to publish this Chip came up with the idea that we move everything this weekend. So Saturday was busy to say the least. I am up now and it is Sunday morning.

I think that’s all the stuff I really need to remember so let’s cut this one off now!

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