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02.05.22 January 30 to February 5, 2022 Renting out my Amite house, Fifth Sunday singing, Gumbo YaYa, healing, visit with Cindy V, cold cold cold, feeling punk, Olympics,

So today is Thursday and I am just starting to write this.  I have been worn out and a little more than a bit crazy over this house renting stuff.

This part is long folks but it may be helpful to me in the future to know all that happened while re-renting my house in Amite. The interest in renting it was so overwhelming I had to add a statement on the Marketplace ad that I wouldn’t be responding to any more inquiries. Of the 60 plus inquiries before stopping responding around 40 were okay with a 6 month lease.  On Wednesday I started contacting each of those 40 asking each for more information and received that information from around 10 of them.

This link will take you to my Marketplace ad to rent my little country house!


After working out a way to show the house Saturday while our current tenants are still living there I provided the five that made the cut with my address. They were all told to be there between 9 am and Noon and that I would show them through the house and around the property until the right tenant signed a lease and made their deposit and first month’s rent.

My day started early Saturday so I could get there before the prospects arrived, and then bombed when my car would not start. I called Chip who tried to walk me through unlatching the hood so I could check out the battery. That didn’t go well. Chip sent a photo from a website about my year and model car.  That picture looked nothing like my car but finally after I stopped searching around where it was suppose to be I found it! The heavens opened and the Hallelujiah chorus was being sung!

So that opened the hood but I couldn’t figure out how to keep the hood up. Oh and it was 29 degrees. Then, wait for it ………..  my new dentures kept falling loose and almost out while I’m holding the hood open. I must have no shame the way I share my life here, even my teeth falling out! After a bunch more not fun events Chip, over the phone, determined my battery was pretty much dead.  This was something Roy would have handled since all I know about a battery is what it looks like. But now I have Chip via long distance and he called a wonderful man named Bobby that Chip use to work with at Bill Hood and within ten minutes Bobby was at my house jumping my battery off of his. 

I notified everyone that had said they were coming that I would be late. Only two of the five couples showed up. They all loved the property, the cows, the pond, the house and the patio. Both couples really needed a one year lease even though all along I’d made it clear it would only be a six month lease that might possibly be extended month to month if I wanted to do that. So they both left and said they would think about it. Then I got a request from two other possible renters to come on Sunday. Chip is going to show everything to them to save me from another trip up there.

I want this done and over with so I know if I am staying in Hammond or if I need to move back to Amite.

Sunday we had Sunday School online since our teacher’s wife has COVID and they don’t want him to spread it. Wonderful Wiley again lead our class online and as always I learned so much from him. Our Worship Service was in person and here’s the link to the Worship Service.

Sunday evening we had what we call a Fifth Sunday Singing where lots of our members sing special music as solos, duets, instrumentals, etc. Not one of my pictures of people singing came out good enough to share except this one of the children singing “You are my all in all.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-16438160782002784601180548334617.jpg

This was followed by our Gumbo YaYa which is a Gumbo cooking contest and a potato salad contest.  Derek Wall, Wanda Forrest and Elaine Taylor were the winners of the cThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is avery-with-ladels.jpgontests. Our pastor, Bro. Avery is holding the prizes that the winners receive, golden ladles!  I have never entered those contests because well, I know I would win and I sometimes like other people to win things!

We were all winners since we got to eat some of the cooking. Well everyone but me did, I was still on liquids waiting for my teeth to heal before eating anything with substance. It all sure looked good though! I enjoyed sitting with my new friends BJ, Billy, and Kendal. 

Didn’t need to go to the dentist this week. My gums are healing nicely and I can leave the dentures in almost all day now. I can eat things with a little more substance but definitely not anything like steak or most anything that’s not real soft.  Baby steps!

My friend Cindy Vernon came to visit this week while her car was being serviced in Hammond. It stormed the whole time she was here like it hasn’t in quite a while. She taught me how to make these little horse’s head from yarn and this plastic netting stuff. She sticks candy canes up into the head and uses them as package decorations. I’ll start working on those sometime soon.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sick.jpgThroughout this week off and on I didn’t feel really well. No fever, no congestion, just feeling punk so I spent a good bit of time in bed. I canceled going to Baton Rouge with my retina specialist, Dr. Naguchi, and canceled my Mardi Gras mask painting class with Rebecca. I discovered Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+. I’ve always loved any Star Trek movie or TV series. This one is different but somewhat the same as the older shows.  I’ve also gotten into watching 1883 about the Dutton family’s pioneering journey from East to the West coast to settle. Other than the frequent cursing I love the story in the TV show Yellowstone which is about the modern-day Dutton family who own the biggest ranch in the United States.

I feel much better today which is Saturday.

We have had so much cold weather this year. Our cold weather experience here is usually a couple or a few nights when the temps get down to freezing for a couple of hours.  Day after day of cold weather is not normal here in Southern Louisiana but this year it is. As much as I love the cold weather over the heat of Summer it’s too cold this year for too long. I had two pairs of socks, two layers of pants, three layers of shirts, and a jacket on today, and was still very cold.

The first day or so of this year’s Winter Olympics has been enjoyable. I know what I’ll be watching these next two weeks. Figure skating is my favorite, can’t wait for that to start.

See ya’ll next week!


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