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01.30.22 January 23 to January 29, 2022 No church at home, Denture update, Buddy Vet recheck, Chip’s place, What to do, the Rock in Pumpkin Center

How did it get to be the end of January already???

Not wanting to or feeling like I could go out into public yet I stayed home last Sunday and planned to go to Church on the Wall but that was not meant to be. The church’s wifi went out so there was no broadcasting or Go To Meeting this Sunday. Thank goodness that one of our Sunday School members, Wiley Traylor, is a Bible guru and on the spur of the moment lead our SS class for those of us who were attending online. I guess those who were there in person had their own class!

The Worship Service was not also broadcast because of no wifi. When I learned that Dr. Cyril Antony preached I was so disappointed that I missed it. He is an exceptional Man of God who does missionary work in India. I wish I had been there to hear him in person. I’m hopeful the church will post the broadcast of his sermon soon.

I had difficulties wearing my new dentures for very long on Sunday. The roof of my mouth felt inflamed. I’ve stopped taking the pain medicine so early in the week I was feeling whatever pain was left.

I built up time wearing them every day this week and by Saturday wore them all day very comfortably. This is all a learning experience so I understand that building up an ability to chew with the dentures in is part of it. I hope that going along this journey with me will help someone who gets dentures in the future have some idea of what to expect.

I’ve heard that singing helps your mouth and tongue get used to the dentures so you don’t talk as weird. I’ve been singing away this week trying to get my talking better!

My one-week follow-up at the dentist went well. There are a couple of spots that really hurt but will heal. They put a new liner inside the dentures which is like a cushion and it helps them seal without dental paste. I like that a lot and they do feel more comfortable now that I’ve been home a few hours with them in.

Buddy had a doctor’s recheck this week. They said his skin problem looks much better. Where his hair had been thinning it is now starting to grow new hairs. It may take him a while to get back to having a full coat of hair. They recommended adding Fish Oil to his diet to improve his hair quality. The cough syrup he’s been taking seems to be in short supply and is a major problem everywhere. They gave him cough pills in the place of the syrup. His collapsing trachea seemed recently to have gotten worse. I hope the pills help him. It breaks my heart to see him struggling every time it happens. I bought some new little pill pockets to put his tiny pill in.

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This is Chip’s camper parked on my RV space (where Dora use to live) in Amite. Now that the other occupant of that RV space is gone Chip has lots more room. I will be going there next week one day to work in the gardens around that area.

Thursday was spent working on crafts. Seashells decorated on the inside to give friends turned out nice. I hope they all like them. I am trying out decoupaging the inside and outside of smaller seashells to hide.

Several Easter and Flamingo trivets are being worked on now!

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Friday morning the folks who are renting my house in Amite let me know that they are moving out on February 15. That sent me into “oh my, what to do” mode! I’ve known for a while they would be moving but thought it would be end of March. This means some decisions have to be made. I’ve been praying and thinking about what to do for a while but not coming to any decision. Now I have to decide quickly.

I drove up to Amite to talk all this through with Chip. It helped me a lot being out there sitting by the pond and remembering why I love living there. The long drive there and back made me remember why I love living in Hammond near everything.

I spent a few hours Saturday driving through every street that I could in Pumpkin Center to see if there are any houses for rent or for sale in that area that I really want to I’ve in. There were no rentals and only a couple for sale and both are out of my price range. I’ve eliminated those options if I do have to take action right away. That leaves either re-renting out the Amite house or moving back to Amite myself. Lots of pros and cons to both options. I asked for everyone I know to pray that I get some very clear direction from God.

Those of you that live or ever lived in Pumpkin Center will recognize this landmark. You could direct someone almost anywhere in PC by saying turn right at “the rock” or turn left at “the rock. I loved seeing this today.

I woke up Sunday with a good decision made that I feel at peace about. I’ve listed the Amite house on Facebook’s Marketplace with a six month lease at a couple hundred more than I am getting now. If I find someone willing to take the six month lease I’ll stay where I am in Hammond until the end of the new lease. If I don’t find someone that will take a six month lease I’ll move back to Amite when my renters move out. I shared all this with my landlord here in Hammond and I am thankful he understands.

I was going to stop here for this week but on Sunday after I listed the Amite house I immediately began getting A LOT of interest. The first inquiry was willing to pay me a couple hundred more than my new higher price. I know it’s a great house but I believe the rental housing market just doesn’t have much right now. I have permission from my current renters to show the house on Saturday which I am thankful for. At the time I am publishing this I have 31 people interested. I’m creating a short list of those willing to do six months and will invite them to see it Saturday. Stay tuned! I’ll let ya’ll know how it all works out!

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