2022, Rosalyn's Life

01.23.22 January 16 to January 22, 2022 Church, Crawfish, Shrimp and Corn soup, new supply of paints and craft goodies, art class, 9 teeth pulled, blending food and legal action

Sunday I was in church in person and enjoyed hearing Mia Dixon sing accompanied by her brother Aiden Dixon. Those young folks are so talented and always willing to share their talent to Glorify God! Ya’ll just don’t know how much I hope that each one of you is learning from an honorable preacher at least once a week if not more often. It will absolutely change your life, here on earth and in eternity. Here’s a link to the sermon and music from Sunday. January 16th Sermon

Chip and I together cooked the Crawfish, Shrimp and Corn soup on Sunday and boy was it good! A big container was filled to eat after my dental work and however long it lasts! I got real encouraging words from those in my Sunday School class who’ve had this type of dental work done before. I am prepared with tons of soft foods, all kinds of tooth pain ointments and healing washes. Probably way too much having two teeth pulled a couple of weeks ago turned out ugly and I can’t imagine how 9 teeth will feel!

My supply of 2 oz. paint bottles needed updating since I still have some that are pretty old and gummy rather than silky smooth! Sometimes I paint a dozen or more rocks a day and they all need a white base coat so I keep a couple of 8 oz whites on hand in addition to around 50 other colors which include these. I ordered this box of multiple bottles and got them this week. It was fun to buy more new craft items!

Monday was my most recent painting class at Rebecca Willoughby’s Art Sanctuary. Rebecca is always great about improving my feeble efforts. We painted on wood the scene of Jesus’ tomb with the rock rolled away and the three crosses up on the hill. It’s an interesting fun process and I enjoyed visiting with the other ladies that were there. It’s just a wonderful outing doing this at Rebecca’s studio. I’ll be spraying my creation with clear coat when it’s cured for a couple of days. It will become one of my Easter decorations that may stay out all year!

Four students and one artist’s finished paintings

In two weeks I’ll be back at Rebecca’s painting a Mardi Gras mask on wood with “Laissez les bon temps roulet” translated into English as “Let the good times roll,” written along the curved bottom.

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Wednesday started off with a wax fit at the dentist at 8:30 am. Nothing much to that and it went well.

The big event on Wednesday’s agenda was the 9 teeth pulling fun. Ya’ll know that a lot of what I write is for my personal documentation so that I’ll know when and what has taken place in my life. This part is one of those occasions so if you don’t want to read about it skip to the end and I’ll say goodbye for now!

My dental insurance pays for some of the work I’m having done but it pays for nothing of any of the 9 teeth being pulled so it’s all coming out of my pocket. The dentist’s office was so kind, they gave me a nice discount to help me with that! I didn’t ask, they just offered to do it.

It took 2 full hours for all 9 teeth to be pulled and the dentures tried on. The worse part was the 10 shots of novocaine I got, one of which I screamed about. Had to have more while the pulling progressed. It dawned on me today that these teeth are the same ones (big girl teeth) that as a little girl I was excited about getting. They were around 60 years old and a couple really didn’t want to leave their home. I was taken off Plavix a few days before and had very little bleeding as a result. To say I love the way the dentures look is an understatement. I hoped that I was also going to get the bottom partial dentures but that will come soon.

My Dentist, Dr. Lipsey, and his assistant Patryce worked together so well and it was a good feeling having them take care of me. I go back for a recheck next Wednesday!

The money has been forked over, the teeth pulled out and now it’s time to heal at home. Chip brought me to and from the dentist and cared for me Wednesday evening. Don’t know how I would do life without his help, thanks Chipper! My instructions are to wear the dentures the first 24 hours which provided a bandage over the holes in the first phase of healing. Then I am to wear them for meal times and when I go out. That will help me get accustomed to them gradually.

Getting used to wearing the dentures is rough since my mouth is healing from the teeth pulling. The roof of my mouth feels swollen right where the Polident adheres the dentures to my mouth.

I’ve been blending my food so I can drink it instead of chew it. This first picture is this morning’s part healthy part not healthy concoction made from sliced pears and ice cream sandwiches! That was this morning’s breakfast!

Two days I blended banana smoothies for breakfast and crawfish, shrimp, corn soup for dinner.

It may be a while before I’m comfortable enough to go out in public with them. We’ll see!

More cool supplies for my craft room arrived Saturday. I love the idea of oyster shells or big seashells made into dresser coin/rings/earring holders so larger seashells were purchased.

Also ordered a couple of sheets of the knobby plastic things I put on each corner of a trivet or coaster to keep it up off the counter. They are actually cabinet door bumpers.

When I first started doing trivet and coasters Roy searched for something to go on the bottom. We tried several things but one day he came across these that were in his shop. After trying them we were sold that this was the perfect solution.

Now that a situation I have been dealing with for months is all over I will share. I had to take legal action against someone recently. The action was upsetting to me, I really wish I didn’t have to do and put it off for a long time hoping the situation would improve. It did not. After disgusting, dangerous, and upsetting events happened I evicted the renter of my RV space. When it was finally over on Saturday a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders and I feel much less stressed. I could also imagine Roy smiling down from heaven saying “Finally.”

I now know more about the eviction process than I ever wanted to know. If anyone finds themself in that position in the state of Louisiana, I’d be glad to share what I learned throughout this process.

Life without Roy is so very difficult sometimes. Having someone to share the rough times in life with, to talk to, to cry with is something I greatly miss.

Ya’ll have a Blessed Week!

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