2022, Rosalyn's Life

01.16.21 January 9 to January 15, 2022 Roy’s 71st birthday, move or not, Buddy at the vet, glass cutting boards for trivets, new mini iron, walking around campus with Buddy

Some days are harder than others in life. The date of what would have been Roy’s 71st birthday brings back many memories and tears. I had goals for today and none of them included this reminder of our life together and how life is so different now. Happy Heavenly Birthday Roy. If he picked a photo to include here representative of his birthday this is the one he would have chosen.


On top of that I am struggling with a huge decision about where I will live in the near future. The family renting my house in Amite is moving in the next couple or few months and I thought someone else wanted it but they just purchased a home so that option no longer exists.  I need to decide whether I rent it out again, sell it or move back there myself. There are so many things to take into consideration. I’ve known this for a while and have been praying and hoping an answer will fly from the sky and slap me in the face!

After church on Sunday I went to Dollar Tree in Ponchatoula hoping to find a few of the glass cutting boards that I make into hot plates and decorative pieces.  I was very excited to find a lot of them piled up in an easy to see location in the store! They are usually hidden in back of things on the bottom shelf and a thorough search is needed. I scooped up 10 round and 4 square ones. I wanted all of those that were there but I knew I should leave some there for the next crazy woman that searches for them to find! After unwrapping them here’s my new stash!

I decided to upgrade and replace some of my crafting tools. One of the tools I replaced is my mini iron that I use in decoupaging. This is it. I’ve dropped my original one so many times that it was in need of replacing. It’s not that much bigger than it is in the picture and is perfect for smoothing out wrinkles, etc. in small projects.

I can be a raving lunatic with crafts sometimes wanting to learn how to do all sorts of different crafts. I’d need more than 24 hours in a day to do all I want to do.

Buddy has had a worsening skin condition over the last few months. His front hair is straight and the hair on the back half of his body is curly, he scratches all over his body all the time and he smells yucky all the time, even after being bathed. I took him to the vet Tuesday and they determined that he has skin allergies and is negative for heart worms. Yay for one and boo hiss for the other!

He now has a medicated shampoo, antibiotics, steroids, one month of flea/tick/heart worms to see if that helps and more cough syrup for his collapsing trachea.  This little old man costs more than I do to take care of! This is the weird two textured hair he has right now which we hope some of this will take care of.

Isn’t this the weirdest hair mixture??!!

The first bath with his new expensive shampoo stopped him from scratching and he smells way better. I am sure the antibiotics and steroids are helping with that a lot also.

Wednesday my amazing son brought me the most delicious breakfast every. He got a bacon, cheese and egg over grits Hi Ho breakfast and it was amazing! Thanks Chipper for getting that for your mom!

I went to the dentist to have step two in my treatment plan done. The impressions were taken and that all went well. Dr. Lipsey moved up my teeth pulling appointment to next week since the tooth that cracked off is already starting to cause problems. Big bucks just floating out the window next week!

Next Wednesday is the day that 9 of my teeth at the top will be pulled and I will get the dentures. He explained to me how I will jump into wearing the dentures for 24 hours and then back off gradually building up time. I’m buying lots of soft yummy foods, some soft ice packs, tooth pain gel and anything else I can think of to help me through that first week or so. The end result will be great and I am hanging on to that! Chip will be transporting me and caring for me after so I am all set!

Friday Buddy and I got out of the house and took a walk around Friendship Circle on Southeastern’s campus where I worked before retiring. It is so beautiful in Louisiana during the Winter and the brisk cool weather is refreshing! We walked all over, not just Friendship Circle and took several photos. A lot of the campus was really messed up by Hurricane Ida so it was kinda hard to find nice looking places to photograph. My friend Terry Cooper took several photos recently and I grabbed a few of his!

We enjoyed that walk so much I’ve decided to walk daily, weather permitting, around the church’s parking lot across the street from my house. Walking around the parking lot doesn’t require spending time trying to look nice so I’ll be more likely to keep it up!

I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the previously beautiful cream colored carpet under and around my bed. It looks wonderful again and is drying out as I write this!

I think this wraps up my weekly summary. Tomorrow, after church I pick up the huge grocery order I placed of soft foods. Chip is going to make his fabulous crawfish, shrimp, corn soup! I have a painting class of the tomb with the stone rolled away on wood at Rebecca’s on Monday. Tuesday I hope is nothing. Wednesday is Southeastern’s Retiree lunch and then the dentist. Then I am shutting down all activity for a while until I heal.

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