01.11.22 Rosalyn and Chip’s Arkansas Evacuation Adventure, PART TWO: Wing Shack, Weaver Creek, Pappy Mellon’s Country Store, LAFFS, Pottery Shop, Natural Bridge, Pickin’ in the Square

A couple of months ago I shared about Chip and my evacuation to Arkansas when our power went out after Hurricane Ida. I wrote about the cabins we stayed in but never got back to sharing all we saw and experienced in that wonderful week away!

If you didn’t catch the first post, here’s a link to that one about the cabins. Again, we loved them!!

These are some of our daily adventures we enjoyed, not necessarily in the order we experienced them!

Of course eating establishments are always important when we are on the road! This was Wing Shack-Cheeseburger Grill where Buddy and Benny joined us for a delicious meal!

My favorite place anywhere is Weavers Creek. That is where we always go to gather flat rocks for my painting projects. It doesn’t look like much of a place especially since the water was almost nonexistent in the creek on this visit. But that did make it easier to get to more rocks. We came home this time with about 150 3″ to 9″ rocks!

Next up was the LAFFS Lake Area Fun Flyers Squadron where Roy loved to fly his remote control planes and visit with the friendly folks he met there. We were there on September 1st which was the anniversary of his death. Both Chip and I felt this was the perfect way to feel close to Roy on that day.

A cool place to visit is “Natural Bridge” which is on US 65. It’s not a big place but what is there is very interesting and naturally beautiful.

There are two 1800s cabins, a period wagon and moonshine still. No moonshine was sold, darn!!You can step back in time. Take the journey and explore this amazing location once used by loggers as a bridge in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pickin’ in the Square is the thing I would go to if I only got to do one thing in Mountain View. Across from the square is a BBQ restaurant and Ice Cream shop that we always visit and did this time.

After eating we walked over to the town square to listen to the musicians there. People come with their chairs or sit on the benches there around several gazebos. I hid rocks around the square like I always do. This wasn’t exactly Chip’s things but he brought me there and picked me up when I wanted to go. I sat my chair out and listened to one of the groups gathered under one gazebo. This is where the amazing feeling of friends and family just shines! People from all around the country join locals at any one of the several gazebos to listen to all sorts of music. Any musician can join the others or start their own group. Very informal but special!

Our boy Buddy was in need of a big haircut as you can see from the pile of hair that Chip cut off! He’s in need of one again, he looks like a hairy little pig right now!

My favorite country store is in Mountain View. It’s Mellon’s Country Store. From old fashioned candies, gifts and old timey kid toys I always find something fun to buy there! This year was several old timey toys for my grandchildren including pick up sticks, kaleidoscope, root bear barrels. They have enjoyed playing with them both Thanksgiving and Christmas. They especially love the pick up sticks and asked to play with them as soon as they arrived for Christmas!

That’s it for this post about our Hurricane Evacuation Adventure to Mountain View, Arkansas back in September. Next post will be about Ozark State Park’s Artisan Center, Mountain View’s City Park, Buddy and Benny’s adventures, some of the local scenery and more!

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