01.08.22 January 2 to January 8, 2022 Church in the dark, lunch at Brady’s, Dentist for tooth pain, lots of crafts with oyster shells and glass plates

Chad and Chip have lots of Character!

Sunday I attended Sunday School and Worship in person. We didn’t have power throughout most of the buildings so we enjoyed the morning with no lights. Thankfully it was a cool day so with the doors open a little breeze came through so it was all good! Here’s the link to Sunday’s Worship Service post.

After church I went out to lunch with a really nice man. We ate at Brady’s and I enjoyed getting to know him. He was quite the gentleman opening doors for me! I met him recently at church and liked how he made me smile. It’s nice to have a new friend and lunch was delicious!

And the Saint’s won!

Monday I had to go back to the dentist because one of the places where a tooth was pulled started hurting really bad every time the pain medicine wore off. He said it didn’t look like a dry socket but did the treatment for that and I felt much better.

Just got the notice that my 50th class reunion with John F Kennedy Sr High School in New Orleans – Class of 1972 is coming up on May 14th! This was my class photo back then! Yes we were a big class! I know which one was me but I doubt you’d ever find me!

Since Christmas is well over I started taking down decorations, inside and out. Chip came by and moved the tree from the living room to the second bedroom where it will be stored with all the ornaments on, just like we did last year. Putting everything away is hard enough but the thorough cleaning where it all was living for a month just added to the fun! I really love putting it all out and enjoy it during the season but the sadness that it is over makes me sad. Oddly I only took one photo of my decorations this year and it was just the tree. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is christmas-tree.jpgMost of this week I worked on decoupaging all sorts of things. The oyster shell ornaments are almost finished.  Depending on how the outside of the shell looked I painted some white or cream and some gold. Those that looked really nice without paint I put on clear coat.

The backside of the shells

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20220103_152247.jpg

I really love that what began looking way worse than they do above and then they are turned into something pretty like the photo below.

The gold edging wasn’t difficult like I thought it would be. These are some of them finished. I just have to figure out how to put a hole in them so they can become ornaments. Chip may know how to do that so guess who is getting a call from his mom!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20220108_160451.jpg

I would like to get some larger oyster shells to make decorated holders for ladies rings, earrings, etc.  And I am looking for napkins that have designs better suited for these shells. I am hopeful that I can meet a friend for lunch next week at Chookie’s, where I got these, to get more!

I also began creating Valentine, Easter and Mardi Gras glass plates, coasters and trivets! They are not finished yet but these are all made from Party Universe napkins and a roll of wrapping paper from my friend Cindy V!

This group is far from finished

I also added gold edging to the new seashell ornaments I put on the tree this year. I like how they came out. Can you tell my week was mostly crafting! And I loved it!

I’m kinda tired of cooking right now so I bought a bunch of Marie Callendar dinners to enjoy the next couple of weeks. This was a pretty good week even with the tooth aching! I got to stay home a lot, no doctor appointments and had lunch with a new friend.

After I wrapped this one up a tooth cracked off. Here we go again. It was going to be pulled soon anyway but really???? I have my next dentist appointment this coming Wednesday, thank goodness!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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