01.02.22 December 26, 2021 to January 1, 2022 Lost keys/no dentist, found keys/yes dentist, new Kindle, oyster shell ornaments, new windows and roof, Louisiana Rose parade float

Sunday I attended Sunday School and Worship in person and was very blessed. I need to be fed God’s word so desperately always and am so thankful I have a church that teaches me every week.

Monday was supposed to be the beginning of my dental work but this smart lady lost her keys and had to cancel the appointment. After looking for a couple of hours I found them on top of my bed under a pillow I had thrown on top of them when making my bed in the morning. I searched the laundry, all through my car, under every piece of furniture, all the trash cans, and many other places before almost giving up when I finally found them. I have to show you what the key and its attachment look like so you can see how very weird it was that it could be lost. The white furball is the size of a baseball but yet it hid from me!!

The dentist is now rescheduled for Wednesday. My new Kindle arrived which made all things in my world okay again! I haven’t bought a new Kindle in five years and this was my Merry Christmas to me gift! The Kindle phone app made it easy for all my books and settings to follow me from my old Kindle to the new one. I don’t know how it all worked but I clicked a couple of options and it all worked out! I like simple and easy!!

City Glass company replaced my two bedroom windows Tuesday morning and new shingles were delivered for the roof work that my landlord ordered.

The oyster shells I scrubbed last week sat outside in the sun for a few days. Step two in the ornament creation process began Tuesday when the dark purple spot inside was covered with white paint. Not a big deal but it was necessary so that doesn’t show through the napkin when it’s applied to the inside area. The photo shows some painted and some that still have the purple spot. I really hope I learn to do these really well since it’s something totally new for me!

I woke up Wednesday morning to people walking on my roof and shingles being nailed down. Good thing I have earplugs! By the time I left for the dentist the roof was mostly done!

The dentist visit went really well. Not a lot of fun but at least this one is behind me! Two teeth pulled and one tooth filled. The dentist gave me pain medicine and antibiotics. The pain medicine was much needed into the night. I picked up soft food at the grocery before the dentist and enjoyed a baked potato and white chocolate pudding for dinner!

I’ve enjoyed spending time learning to decoupage oyster shells. Here’s a picture of step two where most of the shells have a piece of napkin mod podged to the inside of the shell.

And the third step is painting gold around the edges and some of the sides that show from the top. I finished that Thursday. I think they turned out pretty good for my first try. I’ll share photos next week.

Chip came by and took down my outside nativity and helped with a few things. We worked on my Jesus is Lord cross and he took it home to make it stronger. I always love seeing him and really appreciate what he does to help me. Our doggies, Benny and Buddy got to play together and with the two baby puppies from next door.

A friend posted this graphic on Facebook and it really made me laugh. I don’t see it on his page any longer and Facebook would probably remove it if I posted it but I can do it here! Enjoy!

I went through my two Christmas storage containers and got rid of a lot of decorations and other Christmas things I’ve been hanging on to. I hope to keep my tree and decorations up a while longer. I love what Christmas lights and decorations do to make my heart smile!

New Years Eve was very quiet for me and I loved it! New Years Day I enjoyed the Rose Bowl Parade especially the Louisiana float which was a wonderful depiction of Louisiana. Here’s a few pics I found. I thought it was a beautiful float and even won an award!

It’s 2022 now ya’ll. Doesn’t even seem possible! 2022 sounds like some year way off in the future but it’s not, it’s today!

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