12.26.21 December 19 to December 25, 2021 Glass Christmas trivets, Adult/Youth Christmas music, MRI results, seashell ornaments, Chauvin Christmas, Christmas Eve Worship

Started off the week going to Sunday School and Worship in person. Yay! I brought several of my Christmas trivets to church to give to friends in my Sunday School class. I think they liked them!

Our Adult and Youth choir special was Sunday evening which I wrote about in a separate blog post. Check it out HERE!

My neurologist called with the results of the recent MRI. He said I have not had any new TIAs and my brain has not shrunk anymore than someone my age should shrink. I was very happy to get those results and I don’t have to see him again for a year!

I spent time this week making some seashell Christmas ornaments. I think they came out cute. Just some little things to add to the Christmas tree.

Our family Christmas gathering was on Christmas Eve. There was a lot of cooking and cleaning to get done before that can happen. I cooked sweet potato crunch, spinach and artichoke casserole, Mississippi Mud dessert, and a couple of small things. Chip cooked the turkey at his house and sliced it all up for us. Chad’s family is in the middle of moving so they got a reprieve from big Christmas cooking this year!

These are the two things I cooked that I thought to take a photo of!

We all enjoyed eating Christmas dinner together. I loved watching the kids open their presents and being excited over what they received. Buddy and Benny loved having the little ones around and played sweetly with all of them.

Buddy let Benny wear one of his new outfits so they were both all dolled up! You can see them in the family photo being held by my youngest two granddaughters. Here’s Buddy in his elf outfit!

Here we all are outside my little house before we left for church.

Chip, Chad, Amy, Jacob, Ella, Grannie, Caroline, and Gracie
with Benny and Buddy

Christmas Eve Worship Service at our church is always very dear and special to me. It is the one time of the year that all of us Chauvins get to go to church together. When the boys were little they grew up at Trinity and I love having them back there to Worship with me!

Seeing so many families gather to Worship on the eve of when we celebrate our Savior’s birth means so much. Our pastor preached a very convicting sermon, Spot, Ashley, and Leanna sang a new song “Labor of Love” and the evening was ended by the lighting of our candles and all of us singing Silent Night Holy Night. I don’t think any song the whole year was more beautiful than the sound of us singing that song acapella. I pray that made our God happy. HERE is a link to the Worship Service. I really encourage you to watch it. Our God is so good.

We did a lot of visiting afterward with new and old friends and all went our way back to our own homes which is a nice way to end our Christmas gathering each year.

Christmas Day was very quiet and I loved it that way! Chad called in the morning then Chip and Bennie came by to visit for a bit. I discovered the remake of an old favorite, Fantasy Island, and watched the two hour holiday special. I see a binge watching the day of all of the show’s first season that I didn’t know anything about before now! Other than that Buddy and I rested, watched movies, and made a few glass trivets with my favorite Christmas napkins.

See ya’ll next week!

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