12.22.21 Trinity’s Adult and Youth Choir Cantata “I Call Him Lord”

Trinity’s Adult and Youth Choir do a musical presentation every Christmas. It is always something I look forward to! This year’s presentation was titled “I Call Him Lord.”

It reminded all of us of how Jesus left his Heavenly throne and came to earth to live like us mere humans. He lived a sinless life like we are obviously not capable of. He did all this so that he could eventually die on that cross to save us from our sins. That’s our Jesus and we do call Him Lord!

The choir, led by Mr. Teddy Forrest sang beautifully. Thank you Teddy for toughing through being sick and everything else thrown in your path to lead our choir in this beautiful musical.

Aiden Dixon accompanied soloists and the choir on the piano in some of the songs that he personally rearranged. The ones Aiden did were upbeat, powerful and spicier and he did a great job. Thanks Aiden for all you do sharing your talents!

Solos by Mia Dixon, Ashley Traylor, Nick Herring, Jonah Kyle Traylor added so much to the evening. Each of their songs made my heart smile! A beautiful and talented young lady, Rayelin Hammond accompanied a couple of solos on her violin.

The evening ended with a solo by Courtney Jones that was powerful and blew me away. “O Holy Night” never sounded so great!

Here is a link to the full performance. I know you will enjoy it!


I am cooking and cleaning getting ready for my family to land here on Christmas Eve! If you live in this area please come to Christmas Eve Worship Service at 6 pm at our church Trinity Baptist, 42062 Pumpkin Center Road.

Buddy and I wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTmas!

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