12.18.21 December 12 to December 18, 2021 Sunday night children’s musical, new dentist and treatment plan, red barn painting, visit with Cindy V and Chip, Andre’s retirement luncheon, oyster shells from Chookies, old folks Christmas luncheon

Sunday, the day after the Superdome state high school football championship found me in bed. Didn’t go to sleep until after 4 am….. But I would like to report that our quarterback turned palm tree Nolan Tribble was in church. He just keeps getting better in my eyes!!!

Sunday night I’ve already written about but will put a link to that post HERE. Those children made me smile the whole show. They will always remember those songs and each of the stories about Jesus that they told and that alone makes my heart very happy!

Tuesday I went to a new dentist’s office in Hammond. His name is Dr. Garrett Lipsey. They are open all day every day Monday through Friday which was top of my list of things to have in a new dentist.

I like how convenient, around 7 minutes down the street, and new technology they use. I was there a long time taking many X-rays and consulting with the dentist. He’s got his work cut out for him with me. After an in-depth discussion about my teeth and him explaining a lot, he came up with a treatment plan that will give me nice teeth again and only mostly break the bank.

I’d rather buy a decent smile than anything else right now so that’s what I’m doing. My first appointment is Monday, December 27th and I can’t wait to get started. It might require some extended downtime for me for a few weeks but if that’s necessary that’s what I’ll do!

After the dentist, I stopped by The Art Sanctuary (previously known as Rebecca Willoughby Studios) to pick up a painting I purchased from her. It adds beautifully to my Christmas decorations and I love that it’s my young friend Raylea Willoughby’s creation! She is Rebecca’s oldest daughter!

Wednesday I went to Amite to visit with my friend Cindy and see all her Santas. She gave me a beautiful dark shawl with my initials embroidered in it.

She also gave me something called a Fairy Sparkler. It has its new home in the plant on my counter. I’ve never seen anything like that before!

I love both things and she’s so thoughtful to give them to me. I went by Chip’s to check out our property and was very sad to see the area around the pond that had been lined with pine trees now having big gaping holes where there are no pine trees now.

Friday I met up with several of the folks Roy and I worked with at Southeastern for Andre’ Cousin’s retirement luncheon at Sarita. I am so happy for Andre’ who was one of two printer repair guys on campus. It was wonderful to see our friends and to visit with two of my dearest friends, Donna and Sandy. Lots to catch up on while we ate some really good food. Congratulations on your retirement Andre’!

After the retirement luncheon I went across the street to Chookies a local restaurant. They sell oysters and I’ve been wanting to get some oyster shells to decoupage. They gave me a few dozen and they are currently soaking in bleach and water to get the smell off them and get them cleaned. This will be a big first for me since I don’t even eat oysters and have never handled the shells at all much less tried to make them pretty!

This is what they look like right now soaking in the bucket of bleach. They will spend the next sunny day outside getting whiter, I hope!

This is what I am aiming to create. If you never see any of my finished ones you’ll know I didn’t achieve this!

Saturday my church had a Christmas luncheon for us old folks they kindly call Seniors. We had gumbo cooked by our Associate Pastor Derek and enjoyed young Lily’s Christmas music. I made some new friends Billy, Carolyn and Kendal. They were RVers which really made them good new friends! None of the photos I took of the rest of us and the music came out so you’ll just have to imagine a room full of old folks having fun and eating!

That’s it for my week. I may not write for the next week since getting ready for our family Christmas will take a lot of time. I truly hope each one of you has the very MERRIEST OF CHRISTmases this year!

If you are in the Hammond area and want to join our family for Christmas Eve Worship at our church please come. Trinity Baptist Church 42062 Pumpkin Center Road Hammond at 6 pm. Our family would love for you to sit by us as we Worship our Lord together!

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