12.17.21 I talk to a dog all day

Buddy, my precious poodle, is my only companion most days. I talk to him all day, half expecting him to answer because I know he could if he wanted to. I talk to Buddy like I would talk to a child. That makes going out into the adult world kinda iffy because I don’t know if child talk or adult talk will fall out of my mouth!

He follows me everywhere I go, yes even into the bathroom. It’s like having a toddler around but Buddy is really an old man in dog years.

It was a year ago this month that Buddy became my buddy. He was a rescue dog from the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter in Hammond, Louisiana.

Even though he is somewhere between 9 and 11 years old now this was his one-year birthday with me. His present included additions to his wardrobe. Here’s some pics of his latest outfits!

Since I’ve had him and had visits to the vet I’ve learned different injuries that happened to Buddy before he became mine. Internal injuries, eye injuries, and emotional injuries. He shows me in many ways how much he appreciates the love, care, and emotional support I give him.

One day it just came to me that “I talk to a dog all day.” I decided to write a little about what our life is like together

He is the very best buddy I could have and I am happy that I get to talk to him all day. We are old folks together. He does nothing fast and even needs to be picked up off the floor to get up on the bed sometimes. We’ve both got old bones and joints.

When I am sad and cry it helps sometimes to pick him up and just snuggle. I’ve always had someone to care for during my life whether it was children or a husband. Buddy is way easier to care for and gives me unconditional love and no lip!

He’s great about snuggling at night and we both love that!

There is no door from my house to the backyard. So Buddy climbs his stairs and jumps out the bedroom window into the yard.

Sometimes he climbs up his stairs to the top and lays on the windowsill in the sun and just loves it!.

He loves to go on rides with me and is pretty good about either sitting in the passenger seat or sitting on top of the console between the two front seats. He goes with me shopping quite often. Everyone loves him when we go to Walmart. All the kids smile and point him out to their parents. It’s really sweet and he just eats it up. I love sharing how loving he is with others.

He absolutely does not like to be left behind. He will now let me out without scrambling to sneak out with me but he cries and cries and I can hear him as I pull out of the driveway! Our neighbors love him and have kept an eye on him the couple of times I left the window open and he snuck out. Yes, he can climb the fence and just roams the neighborhood having a good old time while I’m off having fun somewhere else.

Buddy’s collapsed trachea is a real concern but it hasn’t stopped him from running and playing whenever and wherever he can. He struggles with it and while he doesn’t cough as often sometimes he coughs more each time.

We’ve learned that watching Hallmark movies together next to the Christmas tree is “our thing.” He mostly falls asleep before the end but we both love doing it together!

His grey hair is very long right now, hopefully keeping him warm in the cool weather. We haven’t had much cool weather yet but we may have someone day! He looks less like a poodle than a curly-haired pig but he’s cute as a button. He’ll get all trimmed up and look like a poodle again when the weather gets warmer.

His hair texture is different now on the front half of his body where it is straight and fluffy than on the back half where it is all curly. Weird. And the back half has brown patches in the gray. We’ll have to see over time if his hair and hair color keeps changing. He can be green and purple and I’d still love him.

He can’t wait till Christmas because he loves being with his cousins and they love him! That’s all the latest about my dear best bud, Buddy!

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