12.16.21 Away in a Mango AND the Quarterback that became a Palm Tree

Sunday night, December 12, 2021 was our church’s Children’s Musical, Away In A Mango! It was absolutely precious and the kids did a super dooper job!  They worked so hard learning their lines and the songs and their movements and it all paid off!

The story is about a festive holiday cruise to Christmas Island aboard the luxurious Yuletide turns perilous for nine passengers on a day shopping excursion when their boat, the SS Mango, is caught in an unexpected storm and washed ashore on a deserted island. Deserted, that is, except for the island’s lone inhabitant, Johnny Coconut, marooned there years before.

Will they be found in time for the ship’s big Christmas Concert? (hint: yes, they will!) What’s Johnny’s story? All aboard for a totally fresh, totally fun Christmas adventure for kids as they join the intrepid castaways of the SS Mango.

After all, the story of the birth of Jesus is the story of lost people, unable to save themselves, being rescued by the long-awaited Savior!

Our Children’s Minister, Courtney Jones, and all the helpers did a wonderful job teaching and corraling the children into creating a precious production. I always enjoy these annual productions and this one had lots of special in it.

I had a great seat for the musical and I’m sure you can tell I enjoyed every second! Here’s a couple of short videos of the kids in action.

As the musical went on the palm trees made their appearance.  All of these palm trees (they were wearing big green straw hats) were young men in our youth group (high school age). Since they first appeared with their backs to us I didn’t know who all of them were. But when they turned around they were all decorated like Christmas palm trees and…..

They were all great but what got me in my heart and didn’t let go was the fact that Nolan Tribble, the Ponchatoula High School quarterback in the state championship game at the Superdome just the night before was serving his Lord in the kid’s musical as a dancing palm tree. I almost slipped off the pew when I saw that. I wanted to laugh so hard! I don’t think I have the words to describe how funny and wonderful that was to me. So our quarterback became a palm tree all within 24 hours!

I was so impressed by that young man’s dedication to our Lord that he would do this. I’m sure he didn’t realize he’d be in the state championship the night before the musical when he agreed to be in it but yet he did it. He didn’t just have to stand there he had movements and dancing to do! I smiled so much watching him give his all to what he was doing.  Just like Nolan gave his all the night before on the Superdome playing field he gave his all for our Lord in the musical.

After the musical, I couldn’t wait to tell him how proud I was of him and probably acted like a giddy little child. He took a picture with me that I truly think is my favorite photo of the year.  Our quarterback palm tree and me!

The play’s logo is a link to the musical video from that night. Around minute 11 the musical will begin. Enjoy!

Below are several pictures I took during the musical of all the children being so adorable, including the palm trees.

After the musical, we were all treated to dinner and delicious homemade cupcakes while we enjoyed fellowship and food!

Well, that wraps it up, folks! A fantastic children’s musical that included our quarterback turned palm tree!

See ya’ll next time!





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