12.12.21 December 5 to December 11, 2021 MRI, cell phone issues, nursery meeting, PHS Class 5A football state championship game, Buddy’s birthday

The MRI that my neurologist ordered was on Tuesday. Since I need to be drugged to handle being in that little tube Chip brought me there and home afterward. The test was quick and I handled it really well. Waiting for results now.

I am in cell phone limbo right now. Mine got dunked in something sticky recently I(no details on that one will be shared) and I couldn’t hear people speaking to me on the phone. We went to Verizon before the MRI to see if they could clean it and if that didn’t help it I wanted my info transferred to another phone I have. Things have changed at Verizon.

I was told they really don’t clean phones even though they have in the past for me so… They said I should get a can of air like what Roy used to use to clean out computer keyboards. We bought some of that after the MRI and it has helped clean up my phone and my laptop keyboard a lot!

They also told me I had to have an appointment to have my info transferred from one phone to another. I’ve never needed an appointment before but okay so I made one. I didn’t go since the air helped clean it enough for me to hear. The charging opening must have sticky in it that isn’t coming out because charging is a problem now and I can’t hear the phone ringing nor any of the notification sound for text messages.

I have a couple of older, still functioning phones and will probably be going back to transfer my info and use one of those.

One of the phones was mine from 2016 to 2018. I started looking through text messages between Roy and me. They made me smile, laugh, cry and just remember what fun Roy and I had being married and living our life together. Roy was a very funny man in his own way and through reading those messages I was able to relive a bit of how life with him was like.

Buddy’s one year birthday with me was this month. He got some new winter clothes and this was one of his new outfits!

Wednesday the nursery committee met at the Powell’s home to finalize the parent information sheet and the volunteer information sheet. I am hoping this helps our church volunteers feel comfortable about knowing what to do in the nursery. And that the parents will know what we need from them when they bring their precious little ones to us to care for. Sweet Mr. Haskel made a cheesecake and we enjoyed a slice of that while we were there!

After a couple of days where I got to stay home the big event of the week took place. And believe me I needed all that downtime to handle this one.

Chad and Chip graduated from Ponchatoula High School. This year’s PHS Greenwave football team had an amazing season going undefeated at 12-0. This earned them the honor of playing in the Class 5A (the biggest schools) state championship in the Superdome on Saturday night.

I was working on including more info and lots of pictures of the game here in my weekly post but decided the game needs its own post, it was that big a deal. So I’m wrapping this up for now and hope you’ll come back to read my next two posts. My brain is clicking so I’m writing!

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