11.22.21 PRAISE THE LORD sermon at Trinity Baptist Church

Our Pastor Avery Dixon did not preach last Sunday but HE’S BACK!  Below is a link to Sunday’s sermon and the scripture associated with it. The last verse “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” is one of my favorites!

Psalm 150


1. Praise the Lord in All Places v1
* There are two places mentioned here: his sanctuary and his mighty heavens.
* This is where the people of God come to gather.
* This should invoke us to be with people of God.
* It’s more than a place with walls, it’s writhing people.
* Think of what Jesus says to the woman at the well. John 4:23-24
* Praise is built in our DNA
* Yet so often our voices are weak and barely heard in church.
* Revelation 7:9-12 & Revelation 5:12-13
2. Praise the Lord for What He Has Done v2
* There are so many wonderful things God has done
* We must praise Him for all of these things at all times and in all ways.
3. Praise the Lord for Who He Is v2 part 2
* Consider all the things we know of about God
* His power, creativity, order, justice
* There is no one and nothing in all the universe like our God.
4. Praise the Lord with Every Instrument v3-5
* We ought to praise Him
* As we enter into Thanksgiving we need to have hearts and minds of gratitude. We need to begin with praise.
* He clearly communicates how to praise Him.
5. Let Everything Praise the Lord v6
* We close out the Psalm and the entire book with the command that everything is to praise the Lord.
* We were created to praise. We were given breath to praise.
* In the end all things will praise the Lord. Psalm 147:1-12


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