11.21.21 November 14 to November 20, 2021 Second bedroom, twin size bed, kept the Nursery, visit with Cindy L., scrubbing scrolled ironwork, trunk or treat decorations, the second packet of SSA forms, slowing down

My goal for this week was to slow down and give my brain and body a rest. I am starting to write this on Wednesday and so far so good!

I’ve forgotten to share that last week I finally started turning the second bedroom into an actual room with a bed! I went through the last boxes of things I moved, put everything away, and cleaned the floor. Chip rolled out the carpet that used to reside in my living room in Amite and it fits perfectly.

That room can only fit a twin-size bed (especially with the Christmas tree in the corner) so I asked on Facebook if anyone had one. My friend Cindy V had a friend with a twin-size bed frame, headboard, and footboard which they gave to me! Chip picked it up and put it together in my second bedroom for when a guest wants to stay overnight. Now to find a mattress and bedspread, and make the room into a real bedroom!

Sunday I made it to Sunday School in person and enjoyed a wonderful Bible Study on Colossians. During the Worship Service hour I took a turn keeping the little ones in the nursery with my new friend Dana Spitzer. I believe it’s been 10 years since I “kept the Nursery” as we put it. Our permanent nursery flooded and is now temporarily located in a small room in the front area of our sanctuary. I learned a lot that I hope will help me while I’m on the Nursery Committee.

Roy’s succession documents were signed on Monday and wasn’t something I liked doing. Plus it hit my pocketbook pretty hard.

I went out Monday with Buddy to my friend Cindy LeBlanc’s for a visit. She, like my other friend Cindy, allows me access to her craft “goodies,” which for me is mostly napkins. I came home very happy and ready to start Christmas crafts. I’ve wrapped up all my Thanksgiving rock creations putting all that away until next year. Now for the Christmas fun!

On my to-do list since I moved into this house was to scrub the scrolling metalwork on the front door and the kitchen door screens. It kept getting moved to the bottom of the list and finally today was the day. Now two hours later I am done. Buddy enjoyed sitting in the rocker watching me work. I felt like I got a good workout with all the scrubbing and the weather was beautiful!

I placed my Thanksgiving dinner grocery order online and picked it up in the pouring rain. I told them I would wait until it slowed down or stopped and would back up to the door if it would help. We needed the pouring rain badly and my plants were smiling when I got home!

The pain that the Toradol shot helped so much last week came back all of a sudden. My doctor called in a muscle relaxer prescription so Buddy and I picked it up after the grocery pickup!

Before the grocery visit I FINALLY got the last of the trunk or treat decorations out of my car trunk. Yes, it’s almost Thanksgiving and I just got thing out of my car from the day before Halloween. I’ve had so much to do so something had to give! Next year’s trunk or treat decorations are going to be cut back, I really went crazy with them this year! I will definitely do my painted rocks again since the children all loved them.

Received the second packet of forms to complete for Social Security since they show no record of receiving the first one. I have to prove that I need the money they want to withhold. Filing it out again wasn’t nearly as bad as finding all the supporting documentation. It had to be current for the last three months and what I sent before is no longer current.

I’ve enjoyed some Hallmark Christmas movies this week. Roy and I use to tape a bunch of them and watch some in January. I loved that so I have some taped to watch later!

I bought the ingredients to make Seafood Gumbo and will be doing that next week.

This quiet almost boring week has given me a chance to get some oompf back and I’ve kinda enjoyed it.

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