11.14.21 November 7 to November 13, 2021 Veterans Day Celebration, Sloppy Joes, No thinking just rest, Social Security

Sunday was a carryover from the overwhelming previous week. My brain had more than it could handle last week and it began fighting back at me. Very little I heard in Sunday School or Worship Service sunk in. I just sat there hoping that some meaningful words would seep in somehow. I decided I was going to do as little of nothing as I could this week to help my brain stop melting down.

Sunday after church was the Veterans Day Celebration dinner that I helped decorate for last week. It was a very nice event with delicious food, patriotic singing, a wonderful saxophone player and a cool NASA vehicle outside for the kids (little and big) to check out! Below are a few photos of that event.

After the dinner, I helped clean the tables and fold all the tablecloths so they could be returned to the Hammond Recreation Center who so kindly loaned them to us! Deciding to stay and help cleanup made me forget I had a grocery pick up scheduled at Walmart. Oops, got there two hours late but it didn’t seem to bother them any.

Tuesday I had something I couldn’t cancel because I forgot last Tuesday to do it. My brain was on a roll last week. I forgot that I said I would cook a pot of made from scratch sloppy joes for our youth’s Tuesday night gathering. Being so overwhelmed that I forgot things last week doesn’t seem to be carrying over into this week thank goodness.  When it was cooked I bought the buns, brought it all to the church, and plugged it in to stay hot until they were ready to eat them that evening. I’ve been told it was delicious.

The new chest pain medicine causes only the slightest headache and for just a short time! Yay! Hopefully that’s all it does so I can stay on it and have no chest pain!

The rest of the week I was able to stay home and let my brain rest. Buddy has been very happy having his mama not leave him to go somewhere! I have even experienced just sitting still in the quiet and not thinking. That’s not something I ever do but I liked it. As the week went on I was better and better at it. I believe I could learn to be downright lazy if I worked at it!

I finally was able to speak to someone again at Social Security. They stopped the withholding of my monthly check while we work on straightening out the mess their mistake made. I am so thankful for that! It doesn’t make it go away but it does give me hope that it can be resolved or dealt with next year.

I feel sorta back to normal now and am hoping this next week is even better than last week!

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