11.07.21 UNRESTRAINED sermon at Trinity Baptist Church

The beginning to Sunday’s Worship Service was different so I won’t direct you, this week, to the beginning of the Sermon. Click here to begin at the beginning. https://fb.watch/990lZng71T/

Leaders Left Speechless v.13-14

– Bold Uneducated Common Men
– Peter and John were fisherman with no formal education as far as we know.
– But the Leaders were astonished
– They were amazed with the boldness of what Peter and John had to say
– It amazed them that why knew what they knew and that they spoke it boldly.
– Why were Peter and John so impressive?
– They had been with Jesus v.13
– We need to be with Jesus!
– It does not matter your background, how you grew up, your education level.
– We should be desperate to spend time with Him but we are not because Satan has given us distractions.
– The Proof Left them Speechless v.14
– Nothing to say because they saw the healed man, speechless because God’s work was oblivious.
The Miracle was Undeniable v.15-18
– They sent out the apostles to not speak the name of Jesus or his teachings and they listened.
– Miracles are often not enough to convince certain people.
– Do not fret when you know God has given have given undeniable proof to those you seek to reach we have to be faithful, and let God handle the rest.
– What we see is hardheartedness v.16
– A Power Hungry Rejection
– Their rejection was fueled by a desire to stay in power.
– When you give into Jesus, you lose all your power and submit yourself to His will.
The Disciples were Unrestrained v19-22
– Matthew 10:28
– They Must Speak of what they have seen heard and tell others of the truth about where the power for this man’s healing came from.
– Are we so filled with God that we can not help but to speak of Him?
God Was Exalted v.23-26
– Their Report brought Praise and Prayer
– A Prophesy from Psalm 2 concerning the Messiah v.25-26
– Here we see how God uses Humans… Men that are not perfect to speak His Word
– Psalm 2 shows how silly it is to rise up against God
– You see God’s Response in the rest of Psalm 2:4-5 & 2:10-12
– Don’t be like this
– Do not set yourself up against God in any way. We like to think we rule ourselves when we do, we are no better than these futile Kings and leaders in Psalm 2
God’s Plan was Exalted v.27-30
– God’s Sovereignty is still on display
– We must also pray for boldness if we are ever to be a faithful witness.
The Disciples were Filled v.31
– God moves in their midst.
– They prayed for boldness and signs & wonders
– They were filled with the Holy Spirit
– This filling came through their devotion to Prayer and the Word and obedience
– We can have this filling today
– You have the Spirit living within you if you have repented and believed. Have you quenched the Holy Spirit through your sins? God did not make us so we could do things on our own.

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