11.03.21 PURPOSE AND HOPE IN DESPAIR sermon at Trinity Baptist Church

This Sunday’s sermon was about finding your purpose and hope in despair. Normally I’d share what point the sermon starts but this Sunday started off with this really great young man JD McKinney coming up on stage dressed as our Music Minister Teddy Forrest and standing next to him. It was sooooo cute and I really hope ya’ll will watch to see it and how much love there was in that moment! And of course go forward to hear the sermon!


– There are many stories of despair and often they feel that there is no escape.
– Jeremiah, also known as the weeping prophet felt despair as he prophesied against Israel.
– Lamentations 3:17-18
– But God promised through Jeremiah of better times that will come.
– Despair can make people do terrible things
– Cain after he killed his brother begged for God’s protection
– Ahithopel a man of wisdom who advised Absalom, King David’s Son. Absalom did not listen and because of this Ahithopel knew he would become an enemy to King David. This was hard for him so he hung himself. 2 Samuel 17:23
– Judas after betraying the Son of God could not bare what he had done, went out and hung himself
Paul’s Despair
– What happened? verse 8
– Paul gives no detail about what this affliction was.
– What happened to him before? 2 Corinthians 11:24-28
– Beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, continuous journeying, without food & water, and worry for other churches
– We do not know for sure what happened to here to Him but We do know it was bad that Paul despaired life itself. Paul was aware of the purpose in it all. Verse 9
Reason- Why are we placed in these situations?
– It’s often hard to see why but Paul understood. Verse 9
– So often we rely on ourselves but sometimes God puts us in situations where we can only rely on Him
Deliverance – What did God do for Paul?
– Verse 10 – We need to trust God for deliverance
– Psalm 121:1-3
There is an Avenue of help while in Despair
– Verse 11 Never underestimate the need for prayer.
– Paul wanted people to see what God had done… so he wanted prayer to be the only hope.
Examples of Despair and Deliverance
– Purpose of Biblical Stories
– For God to reveal Himself to us, to see God working in real people, and for God to show us how He will work on our behalf.
– Job 10:1 But God restored Him & Elijah 1 Kings 19:4
Despair is Real
– God can and will deliver us
– Psalm 34:18, Galatians 1:4, Col 1:13
We can overcome
– 2 Corinthians 4:7-11
– Our response in all situations should be Praise
– Psalm 42: 5-6, Psalm 62:5

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