2021, Trinity Softball

11.02.21 Workday at Trinity’s Softball Field

We have new light poles and lights going up on our church’s softball field. That means long ugly trenches dug to hold the new wiring for those lights. Metal bars needed holes drilled in them for those light poles to hold the heavy lights.

A workday was held on October 23rd at Trinity to make progress on that and repairing more damage to the concession stand. I watched (see below for my really hard job while I watched them) for a couple of hours as holes were drilled in those metal bars and trenches were dug. Those hours were only a part of the time the guys were out there working. I have a new appreciation of the effort that is being made to bring softball back to Trinity. It is going to be a quality complex when the work is all done and play begins!

The roof on the concession stand was torn off and what was left was really messed up during Hurricane Ida. Nolan Porter worked on that damage and did a great job. I didn’t take a good picture that workday but you can see from the before that I took right after the hurricane that it overall looks much better.

Before, taken early September
After in late October

Donna Sommers had been out there for hours before I got there and was hard at work pulling nails out of boards while I was there.

My back breaking, sweat-inducing, very difficult job was “pulling weeds” from the concrete cracks and other places! No one assigned it to me, it’s what I chose to do. I know that weed killer could be used but ya’ll know I am a weed pulling fool and it’s just my thing to do! I also got to enjoy visiting with everyone! This is a small part of the area I worked on.

Instead of trying to describe what’s being done in the photos I’ve already said all I know so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! Jeffrey Hill, Jerry Mckinney, David Taylor, Warren Miller, and his three sons worked on the trench digging and metal bar hole drilling.

There have been previous workdays and there will be more before the field is ready to be played on. There is more hurricane damage to be fixed. The inside of the concession stand is pretty awful to say the least.

Repairs of the water damage in the church and education building will be ongoing for a while. I’m happy the weather is beautiful right now with cooler days and much less rain. I personally am very thankful to those who gave their time that Saturday to make progress to the damage out there and getting the wiring trenches done. I left before the trench work was done so I don’t know how far they got that day.

Doing God’s work comes in all forms doesn’t it!

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