10.30.21 Notice the mom in the background, by Kelli Bachara

Notice the mom in the background.

When you look at pictures, when you’re at a birthday party, holiday events, or just.. every day life.

She’s usually back there.. fixing, creating, doing.. watching.

She’s often behind her kids, cheering and clapping.

Or making sure they’re safe.

Or whispering encouragements to keep going.

Or making sure she’s there if they fall.

Or praying that they’ll be okay.

She’s in the background, a lot. And she doesn’t mind it.

Because her greatest joy is seeing the joy on the faces of those babies she helped create.

She loves them more then words could ever do justice.

So when you notice her in the background of the action, don’t be alarmed if you see tears welling up in her eyes as she looks at the humans who made her heart expand infinitely in size.

Sometimes it’s hard to be in the background, especially as they start to grow and she feels like they are slipping through her fingers.

But she’ll let those tears fall in the background.

Then she’ll look them in the eye and tell them how proud she is, and let them go.

And someday, when her kids are older and have their own kids, it might hit them how much she did in the background.

But she didn’t do it all in the background for the “thank-you’s” (although it does feel good to hear).

She did everything because God gave her these kids. They are a gift.

Notice the mom in the background.

Not because she needs you to, but because you’ll be seeing what selfless love looks like.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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