10.25.21 October 17 to October 23, 2021 Water and trash, A1C is 8.8, Buddy’s collapsing trachea, nursery toys, flag football, sewn felt food, pulling weeds at church and the tragic senseless loss of an amazing young woman

I had a couple of nice quiet days at home this week. During the other days I went to Quest to have bloodwork that my cardiologist ordered to see how my kidney’s are functioning. I’m not sure why he’s concerned about that but I’ll see how that turned out when I see Dr. Khoueiry next week.

I finalized having the water and trash pick up here in Hammond put in my name. After the hurricane, departments I needed access to were closed and are finally open so that’s taken care of. A big one to cross off the to do list. My to do list is very long and I am always happy when I get to cross something off.

I went to my endocrinologist, Dr. Corey Majors who surprised me with a new low A1C reading of 8.8. It was 14, 11.4 and now 8.8 The surgery I need for Duprethen’s contractures requires my A1C to be a little lower but I am making good progress in that direction. He’s been progressively increasing my Trulicity dosage and it’s now at the maximum. I don’t have to go back for three months so yay! I am changing orthopedic doctors and have an appointment with the new on on the 3rd of November to see what his requirements are for doing the Duprethen’s surgery.

Buddy tried out a different Veterinary clinic, this one in Hammond, Animal Care Center. Seems that what is causing Buddy’s awful cough that sounds like a cat hacking up a furball is something was not a “lung condition” but his trachea is collapsing. They did x-rays to confirm that is what he has. This is not Buddy’s x-ray but it does show a normal vs a collapsed trachea.

His Hydro codeine cough medicine dosage was increased and he was put on something called Temaril P which is a combination of an antihistamine and a corticosteroid which helps suppress his cough. He’ll only be on the Temaril P for a week but continues taking the cough medicine until it runs out and he goes back to the vet. His trachea will continue to collapse more over time so the medicine doesn’t cure anything, just eases the pain/discomfort it causes Buddy. I’ve learned that this is something mostly experienced by small dogs and is more common as they get old like Buddy is. The life expectancy from the time of diagnosis is approximately two years. Even though this was just definitely diagnosed he’s had it for months already. I want to give Buddy the best remainder of his life I can give him and we’ll love each other every day he has left.

When our church’s education building flooded during Hurricane Ida the Nursery had to be moved to a much smaller room in the Sanctuary building. A lot of the toys from the original nursery are being kept in a couple of other locations until they could be gone through and a determination made of what could be kept or gotten rid of. I met with the other two members of the Nursery Committee to look through the toys for that purpose. We cleaned up a bunch of the toys and brought some to the new small nursery for the kiddos to enjoy now. A lot will have to be purchased for the rebuilt nursery so keeping the items we can keep will help some. Ms. Ruth and Dana are the great ladies on the committee with me and I look forward to working with them to share God’s love with our babies.

Stopped by Christie’s Hair Design on my way home to pick up the big jug of shampoo she orders for me and got to tell my sister hello since she was there getting her hair done. I now have an appointment for Thursday to finally get something done to my hair which has desperately needed a cut for a long time!

My grandson played his best flag football game yet this week with an amazing interception and a lot of great play overall! They won the game which we all really enjoyed! A friend of Amy’s came in town for my oldest granddaughter Ella’s birthday and was at the game Saturday with her gang of kids. It was really nice seeing Christina (and your precious kiddos) who I also know through a different friend of mine from Louisiana who lives near them in Texas now. Yeah, small world!

Chip gave my middle granddaughter a sewing kit for her last birthday and she made a bunch of really cute, well-made food items! She brought some to the game and they are in the picture below. Guess who is going to get another sewing kit for Christmas!

After the game I went to my church to help with some projects being worked on. Since I know nothing about electrical work and don’t have the strength to do the hard work others were doing, I saw weeds growing rampant in the concrete cracks so I went to town doing my thing! A lot of work was accomplished by all those working Saturday. I’ll share more about that in a separate post soon.

While I was at church Saturday my dear friend Mark shared horrific unbelievable news that just shocked my heart and my whole being. A dear young lady I was honored to watch grow up at Trinity, growing into a beautiful wife and mother of two was shot and killed by her husband who then killed himself. I may never known why this happened but I do know the enormous outpouring of love for Heidi that I’ve seen on social media and in person at church. I also know she now lives eternally in Heaven with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her children have lost their mother and their dad and I ask for prayers for them, Reid and Ryleigh and the whole Hamel family. Heidi’s funeral will be Thursday of the week we are now in. Please pray then for strength as their family buries their precious girl that day. Heidi was 34. This is her obituary. https://www.thompsoncares.com/obituaries/Heidi-Hamel-Davis/

If you watched our worship service which I shared in my last post you heard more about Heidi and I am sure could tell how much she is loved. I’ve had a really hard time processing her death as I have a recent loss of my dear friend Rebecca’s husband Donny and the loss last year of my own dear husband Roy. I know I will see each of them when I get to Heaven whenever God feels it’s my time. I look forward to that day and all that Heaven has waiting for all of us who truly have given our lives to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I hope you too have a personal relationship with Him and I’ll see you there too!

I don’t like ending these weekly recaps on such a sorrowful note but that’s how I am feeling still today. My Sunday and Monday of this week have been good days and I am looking forward to starting this week’s recap next!

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