10.17.21 October 10 to October 16, 2021 Saints win, Succession, Church Nursery, Cindy L’s visit, car a/c tweek, flower garden planting, metal cow, Buddy’s stairs, angiogram, flag football, and Celebration of Life

I’ve opened succession for Roy’s estate and have been working with the law firm on that. I am also making some changes to my will.

My internet and television service shut off Saturday morning and came back on Sunday after church. Just in time for me to see the Saints win against the Washington Redskins. It was a good game to enjoy!

Since I volunteered for the Nursery Committee at church last week I felt I needed learn how the Nursery works these days. I met with Ms. Ruth and Bro. Derek at church this week and volunteered to be the committee chairperson. So much of the back office work of the Nursery is done by our church office now so I’m hoping I’ve taken on something I can handle!

My friend Cindy LeBlanc hasn’t had internet in 6 weeks so I invited her to spend the day at my house using my internet. We got in a bit of a visit while she was here. Buddy loved having Cindy visited so much he farted a bunch! That’s his welcome language!

When my car air conditioning needed to be replaced last week they found the compressor had shattered. They removed as many pieces of it that they could find then. A few more pieces interfered with the cold air blowing yesterday so I took it back in today and they fixed me up. They even complimentarily replaced my windshield wipers when they saw they looked kinda sad. I love their waiting room so much I have to share a photo of their amazing floor. That is silly but I just could stare at it all day. 7 layers of epoxy and blue paint.

I enjoyed the most wonderful day Wednesday going nowhere. Buddy and I stayed in bed late while I played on the computer. Then I planted a couple of big plants and twelve pansy plants in the side yard garden. Rearranged some plants there and am quite pleased with how it turned out.

When the lawn care man comes he has to roll the lawnmower through the garden to get to the back yard. It’s odd how this is arranged. Two wide rows with no plants have to be left open so he doesn’t roll over plants. Makes the garden look kinda weird but I think I may put gravel there and make it look like a big walkway. Or I might do nothing and let it look weird.

See the lawnmower rows! And look my metal art cow is repainted and put back together and lives at this house now! This is the total extent of my side yard garden. A few bushes are in front of the house and that’s it!

Speaking of odd, I have no back or side door that leads out into the side and back fenced-in yard. So to let Buddy into the yard we have to go out the kitchen door to the carport, down a walkway, and then go through the fence door. My landlord, Trent, told me originally that I was welcome to let Buddy jump out the bedroom window since there is no screen on that window. I thought, right like I’m gonna do that.

Well, I now do that! And Buddy loves it. It is SO MUCH EASIER than going out and around and in, the way I was doing it, especially when we first get up in the morning. I just raise the window and out he goes. He comes back when he’s ready and the window gets shut. Well, Misty had two sets of stairs made for their dog Samson and he doesn’t use them. She gave them to me for Buddy. He used the window stairs once and will need some encouragement in that department. I mostly want him to be about to get out the window and up onto the bed even when his little old body can’t do it by jumping. That’s happened sometimes and I pick him up those times. Eventually, he’ll need them more so I am glad I got them now. I might need them one day, well at least the set to crawl into my tall bed! That was a funny folks! Look at the steps!

Thursday was the anticipated angiogram! Chip came to get me and took me to Covington to have it done.

I was able to ask my nurse Rochelle a lot of my questions before the procedure.  I learned that they will try first to go into the artery through my right wrist and if that doesn’t work will go in through the groin. This allows for quicker healing after the procedure. Only if the blockage is more than 70% will they do either balloon angioplasty and if needed a Stent will be put in. Either of those two only adds an hour or so to the recovery time.

The results of the angiogram were really good. Yay! It turns out my blockages are only 20 to 30 percent so no surgery is necessary!!! Whoot Hoot!

This is the board and bandage I have on my hand/wrist/arm right now to keep the artery insertion point from bursting open and artery blood squirting out causing an emergency situation.

My wonderful nurse Rochelle

Before I go anywhere or do anything I have to give the twilight anesthesia and the radiation stuff 24 hours to get out of my system and give the insertion point into my artery time to heal. They gave me the okay to go to a local Vintage Market Days Fridarow afternoon but when I got up the next day I decided it was best for me to stay home and rest. I’m also not supposed to lift anything heavy with my right arm for a few days.

Friday was my second day this week not going anywhere, very unusual! I spent the day ordering Christmas presents for my grandchildren and had a lot of fun doing it! They all have wish list’s which makes shopping wonderful since I know what I’m giving them is something they really want!

Saturday I drove to Baton Rouge to see Jacob play flag football. His team didn’t win but played a great game and Jacob did really well. Being his first year playing he’s caught on and gives it his all!

This is Caroline and Gracie visiting with their other grandparents at the game!

After the game, I went to a Celebration of Life for David Hooker at his son Chris Hooker’s home in Hsmmond. He is someone I knew very well long ago who died last week from COVID. A lot of the family that Roy and I use to enjoy spending time with were there today. I got to see some I haven’t seen in ages and catch up with them, meeting their new grandchildren and eating some of the vast amounts of delicious foods.

Eddie and Sally Tate were the couple that use to have us all over to their home a couple of times a year. Eddie would always cook a big pot of gumbo which we all looked forward to and would enjoy. Today as I was scooping up some gumbo to put in my bowl I remembered that and fondly thought of all the wonderful times we all had together 30 plus years ago. Even though Roy and I were truly not their family, when we moved to Hammond they all took us in like family and we loved them all.

I picked up from Lowe’s an outside Christmas nativity scene that I ordered. I have a small yard and this will go out there very well! Wish it was Christmas now!

That wraps up this week in my life! Rosalyn

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