Rosalyn and Chip’s Arkansas Evacuation Adventure, PART ONE: #50 Mountain Heart at Pinewood Cabins and our Angler’s Resort Cabin #4

Chip and I evacuated to Mountain View Arkansas on Tuesday morning after Hurricane Ida hit on Sunday night.

This multi post description of that adventure is for you to enjoy and hopefully encourages you to make Mountain View your next family vacation adventure destination. Also for Chip and I to be able to look back on all of the cherished memories we made there.

Mountain View, Arkansas holds beautiful memories for me. While living and traveling in our motorhome Roy and I discovered this incredible part of Northern Arkansas and returned nearly every year to explore and enjoy the atmosphere and beauty there.

When I made the decision to leave after one day without power in the sweltering heat in Louisiana, I called Chip and said “Let’s get out of here and go to Mountain View!” And off we went the following morning.

This first part will start off each post as a connection to all the parts for folks reading this in the future.

PART ONE is about the cabins we loved staying in and some descriptions and pictures of each one. Both places allowed pets with a per-day additional fee which is always a good thing for us. Neither place smelled like pets which was an even better thing!

Roy and I always stayed at Anglers White River RV Resort when we came to Mountain View. It was called Holiday Mountain Resort when we first started coming. I knew they had cabins on the river so I made reservations for 3 nights there. Surely we would have electricity by then and could go back home. Some folks still do not have power so I was obviously overly optimistic!

We stayed in Cabin #4 at Anglers White River Resort in Mountain View Arkansas for those first 3 nights. It was a raised two bedroom new cabin on the White River. Everything was extremely clean, nothing fancy but perfect for us. We loved the deck looking out over the river. It had a nice round table with benches to enjoy the beautiful outdoors there and another round table down at ground level.

Their virtual tour and description of the cabin is great so here it is. The cabin description is first and the VIRTUAL TOUR button is at the end.

My photos from outside of the cabin are below.

Buddy enjoyed sun tanning

The Angler cabins are located in two different locations which we didn’t realize since Roy and I always went to one location (which I just learned was Sylamore Creek) and saw cabins there atop the cliff over the river we parked Dora next to in the RV part.

Chip and I were kinda lost in the dark when we got there and the office was closed by 7 pm when we arrived. We called them and they helped us figure out the difference between the two locations so we were fine and had a place to sleep that night!

The cabin we stayed in was on the White River, not Sylamore Creek. A real big rushing river and very beautiful.

When our power was still not on back home in Louisiana after our three days there I went to extend our stay. I found out that because of the Labor Day weekend they were totally booked and we could not stay longer šŸ˜¦

Disappointment set in for a moment but my big girl britches got pulled up and we moved on! We didn’t evacuate with a lot of stuff so moving was not a big deal.

One thing about coming here is to bring your fishing pole or fly rod. Here’s Roy fly fishing in the Sylamore Creek one time we stayed there.

Here’s a link to the Angler’s White River Resort website: https://anglerswhiteriver.com/

Here’s a link to their photo gallery page. Click on 2020 to see the hotel rooms and 2019 to see the cabins. https://anglerswhiteriver.com/gallery/ (I always go to the photos first when looking for a place to stay, you know me and photos!)

When we learned we had to move we checked out Pinewood Cabins online, picked out the one we wanted and stayed there for four nights. We rented a house/cabin #50 called Mountain Heart. Since this area captured my heart years ago I thought this one was perfect šŸ„°! And it was! And it had a washer/dryer which was very helpful since we didn’t bring a lot of clothing with us.

Pinewood Cabins are right by the “Pickin’ Square” where all the cool music is played. On the map, I see the park is called Mountain View Music Park but I’ll always call it the pickin’ square or pickin’ park!

Our house/cabin “Mountain Heart” was in downtown Mountain View which made us close to all the in-town places to explore like all the fun shops, city park, pickin’ square, restaurants, ice cream shops and more.

It had one bedroom but two queen beds so that was fine for us! One day Chip saw these deer in our yard and I snuck around to take a picture. It was delightful! And yes we had our own back and front yard at this one.

We loved both places and were very comfortable there. I’d highly recommend either to anyone wanting to visit there. One is in town and one is a few miles out of town. There are things to see and do around both locations. The farthest drive for adventure was around 30 to 40 miles which we did one day.

Both locations have other types of cabins other than where we stayed so check it all out. Both even have hotel type rooms. Something for everyone!

Pinewood Cabins Office and Gift Shop

Here’s the link to the Pinewood Cabins website: https://pinewoodcabins.net/

And the Pinewood Cabins Photos https://pinewoodcabins.net/photos

Not all of the cabins are in one place together so check out the map and see where you want to be located.

I’ll wrap this one up by showing you the best two traveling companions anyone could ever have. Here they are Buddy and Benny! I believe they had as much fun as we did on this adventure. They travel great!

We also picked up one more traveling companion while there, Baby Girl, Chip’s new kitty! She is so beautiful. The top picture below is from Arkansas when Chip started feeding her. The below picture is of her happy at home in Louisiana.

I hope ya’ll come back and enjoy the rest of our Arkansas adventure posts!

2 thoughts on “Rosalyn and Chip’s Arkansas Evacuation Adventure, PART ONE: #50 Mountain Heart at Pinewood Cabins and our Angler’s Resort Cabin #4”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve read other’s blog posts! So thank you for commenting on my long over due blog, helped me remember I followed your blog. So time to check in! We are actually headed to Arkansas as I read and write this. We’ve had some issues getting hotels on the weekends, it is football season after all. I told my husband we should look for a cabin. But he said no. We only stayed in one cabin so guess it wasn’t that good of a memory. You sure knew how to pick where to stay! We’ll have to rethink cabin stays! May God Bless and hold you tight!!!


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