11.29.21 Crying means…, by John Roedel


if you can still cry it means you can still breathe


and if you can still breathe it means you are still alive


and if you are still alive it means you still have some work to do


~ so go ahead and cry for a bit


~ each tear is proof of your survival


~ each jagged breath you take is evidence of your courage


~ you may be wounded


~ you may be discounted


but you are still here


~ and somedays simply


still being here despite what the world has done to you


is a miracle


you are a miracle you are a miracle you are a miracle


my love, you are a miracle


don’t hide your streaking tears


they are your badges of salty valor


that tell the story how you kept going despite the raging storm


we need you


~so go head and


~ cry ~ breathe ~survive ~ get back to work


~ be the miracle


(by john roedel)

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