10.11.21 October 3 to October 9, 2021 Saints lost, car a/c fixed, Southeastern BCM, Sunday School class dinner, Thanks Lane, Prayer Meeting, Flag Football, bloodwork, visits with Cindy V and Chip, garden work, Jonah Kyle’s party

It was on August 29, 2021 that I published my last weekly life summary. That was when Hurricane Ida came into my life and put a huge PAUSE on so much of what made life normal.

I’m going to pick up Sunday before last and publish this one before moving on to writing this week’s summary.

The week started off with watching my first Saint’s game on television after getting internet and television back on Friday morning October 1st.

They played a great game against the Giants until they let it go into overtime and then lost. I was still delighted to see them play. I missed 3 games during the “television blackout” known as Spectrum TV. I don’t believe I’ve missed a total of 3 games in my entire life!

My car’s air conditioning has not worked for a while. I finally broke down after sweating while driving around for too long and took it to be fixed at A1 in Hammond. Many dollars later and a replaced compressor and condenser and I am back in cold car business! Bobby, Jana and Alaina there are great to work with.

Tuesday and Thursday included events with my church family which I wrote about in the post

https://rosalynchauvin.com/2021/10/08/10-08-21-outings-with-the-trinity-gang/. The two events were Dinner with my Sunday School class at Johnson’s Kitchen

and Serving lunch at Southeastern’s BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) to the hungry college students there!

My dear friend Lane Director stopped by to connect Roy’s computer and accessories since it was moved from Amite. What a kind and very knowledgable computer tech guy he is. We loved working with him at Southeastern and I am so thankful he is willing to help me out with computer things I can’t manage on my own. The only thing left now is to get the server connected to the computer. I had to leave to go to church so Lane didn’t get to finish. What he did has helped a lot already.

Wednesday evening I attended my first church prayer meeting/business meeting in person in ages. I’ve been attending online but I liked being there in person especially getting to eat with everyone before the meeting. I made a traditional green bean casserole with crispy fried onions on top. I enjoyed a big scoop of the casserole the next day for lunch! I volunteered to serve on the Nursery Committee for this next year. Sure hope that one goes well!

Sometime that week I saw my cardiologist to get the results of the tests I recently had done. I wrote about those tests and the results visit at: https://rosalynchauvin.com/2021/09/30/09-30-21-my-heart-tests-and-results/

My grandson’s flag football team played in the evening this week and I enjoyed getting to see him play again. Their record is 3-0 after that game. Jacob is #5 in the photo below. He’s really enjoying playing and I’m really enjoying seeing him play. I also get to visit with my granddaughters during the games and that’s a big plus!

I had bloodwork done in preparation for the angiogram I am having on October 14th. Quest has changed so many of its processes including requiring appointments, wanting you to scan the front and back of your driver’s license and insurance card. Made what was previously a quick visit a little more involved. But it’s done!

I drove to Amite to visit with my friend Cindy and she even let me rummage through some of her amazing craft supplies. We always have a great time visiting and I’m glad we still live close enough to do that!

I went over to my old home and visited with Chip seeing how he’s fixed up the camper he is living in. He just added a new futton and the place looks great! I spent some time in the yard pulling weeds, trimming back roses, and checking out how things look there since the hurricane. Chip cut the 11 pine trees that fell during the hurricane and pulled them out to the road where they are piled up awaiting pick up. Chip weed eater around the gardens while I was pulling weeds in the gardens!

Saturday was my young friend Jonah Kyle’s graduation/23rd birthday party and I enjoyed every minute of the event. Great food and fellowship was enjoyed by all. I’m writing more about that in a separate post with photos and all! Here’s a photo of Jonah Kyle and me that evening! You’ve seen Jonah Kyle in previous posts doing amazing things and he always makes me proud!

This was an exceptionally action-packed week for me. This old lady was slap worn out from it all but I sure had a lot of fun! This week’s schedule does include an angiogram but I cut back on the number of things I’m planning to do so I can get some rest!

Later! Rosalyn

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