09.19.21 Feeding those affected by Hurricane Ida

Last week and this week as part of the Hurricane Ida relief effort our church Trinity Baptist in Pumpkin Center Louisiana was able to provide meals to hundreds of local folks.

The first week some great folks from a church in Wewahitchka Florida brought a bunch of food to our church. They, and some of our members cooked it and put  lunches together for those in need.

Two of our ladies Ashley and Christie doing God’s work serving others! I heard that Lauren and Kim helped as well. I love these ladies!

Since power still hasn’t been restored to a lot of Pumpkon Center everyone could use a good meal.

For two days the crew distributed 200 meals each day to those who came to pick them up at the church. Even some of our littlest Trinity kids (the Louviere girls) put smiles on the recipients faces when they brought the meals to their cars.

Even with no power and a good bit of damage to our church I was happy to see our people helping others in need.

On Thursday of last week we served Pastalaya dinners to a lot of folks. This time I got to help serve and I had lots of fun!

Britt Cummings cooked a huge pot of Pastalaya with sausage and pork. Oh my goodness it was delicious!

Derek, Deanna, Nancy M. Brad M. Alisa, Lauren, Cheryl, and I put the meals together and Donna brought the meals to the cars.

Cheryl, Lauren, Donna, Brad and Nancy

At least 200 were served a hot meal and I got to see firsthand how happy they were when they headed home to eat.We also gave out cases of water, assorted toiletries and toilet paper.

You rock Sydney!
A. J. with Sydney, Noah and Dylan

Some of our youth stood by the road with signs to entice people to come get food. Yall did great Dylan and Noah!

Many other churches have stepped up, as they always have, to provide meals and lots of supplies.  Some of the churches with little or no damage have been handing out roofing tarps, cleaning supplies, boxes, packing tape, snacks, water, over the counter medical supplies, fans, blankets, and the list goes on and on.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams, Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief teams, Samaritans Purse, American Red Cross and many other wonderful Americans of  all walks of life came to the aid of our area with manpower and desperately needed supplies and food. Hundreds of chain saw groups, tree removal groups, sheet rock demolition and removal groups, flood remediation groups and many more individuals and groups have selflessly given their time, money and sweat to help us.

People wonder sometimes why we don’t all move away from Louisiana My response is NEVER! I’ll write about that another day.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to send money, supplies, themselves and more to help Southern Louisiana after Hurricane Ida.

Later ya’ll! Rosalyn

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