09.12.21 ‘Twas da week after Ida and all through da South…..

‘Twas da week afta Ida and all through da South, generators were runnin mo’ than ya Aunt Hildas mouth.

Our draws was hung on da clothes lines with care. And we hopin that da power will soon be dere!

Da children were nestled all snug in dey parents room, because that’s where da AC is and dey s*x life is doomed.

We waitin every day in line for da gas. Lawd hammercy! Refueling da generators in da dark is such a pain in da a**!

Da jambalayas goin a plenty and da white beans too.

Don’t worry line wives, we got ya boo.
Biden makin his pass ova da’ like he gone save da day.

No sha’ but thanks anyway.

You loot, we gone shoot. Das jus da way.

And our sheriffs all know it so don’t even play.

Da wives, dey ready to work like men cause dey don’t know when dey see dem husbands again.

Even when we don’t have nothin, we gone help our neighbors and friends.

We been through many of these storms, over and over again.

We rescue our own, whether we know them or not.

It don’t matter if it’s cold, wet, it’s got alligators or it’s hot.

And when da last house is lit up brighter dan da bon fire at da levee, da Cajuns will say good bye to our new friends as dey drive off 20 new lbs heavy.

au revoir mon ami! Reviens quand tu veux!
[Good bye my friend! Come back any time!]

Maiweh, nous avons envoyé cette recette à votre femme. et n’oublie pas les tomates à jambalayas sont un crime!
[May yeah, we sent ya wife dat recipe. And dont forget, tomatoes in da jambalayas a crime!]


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