Before you go any further in your day today I want to ask for prayers for the Willoughby family.
Rebecca’s precious husband and Raylea, Kaylon, and Gracyn’s daddy Donny Willoughby lost his struggle with COVID yesterday morning and went to live in Heaven eternally with his Lord and Savior. While, as a Christian, I know that is a beautiful thing to live eternally with God my heart is shattered over this loss for his wife Rebecca, their daughters Raylea, Kaylon, and Gracyn.
I can’t tell you how much I love those ladies. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while Rebecca is the artist in a recent post that taught me how to paint sunflowers.
Them, their family, and extended family are mourning this loss of Donny who was not a lot older than my grown sons.
Donny and Rebecca have raised three amazingly talented and beautiful, inside and out, young ladies.  I have admired them and their parenting all those girls lives.
Donny’s girls (and I include his wife in that term) loved him and depended on his presence so much. Beyond being exceptionally talented, all four of them are all strong Christian women and I know have turned to the Lord for support and strength during this time of deep grief.  I ask for your continued prayers for each of them during this very sad time of great loss.
Rebecca, Raylea, Kaylon, and Gracyn I love each of you dearly, you know that. My heart is aching for you and will keep you all, without ceasing, in my heart and prayers. I will be here anytime you want to talk. I have some understanding of a loss like this and know that talking, sharing, and just pouring it out can be healing. I can’t say I love you enough, Ms. Rosalyn
That was the original end of this post but I remembered what Raylea said yesterday and thought what she said was so perfect and I wanted to share it here.


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