08.12.21 Moving Day to Hammond Louisiana on August 10, 2021

Well the big moving day finally arrived. Everything was packed and ready!

College Student Movers Mike and Kimo
Mike and Kimo

First of all the movers, College Student Movers, were wonderful young energetic, careful, and very polite men. Mike and Kimo were their names! I asked them to pose for me in front of the packed moving van and they graciously did so!

Contact info for the company is at the end of this post.

I got up early and finished up last minute things like taking the refrigerator items out and packing the frozen things in the ice chests.

I enjoyed a little peaceful resting time that morning before the movers arrive. Everything was packed and ready. What a good feeling to have that part behind me. Buddy’s aware that something big is happening but he just doesn’t know what.

Heres a few pictures of the packed up house. These were rather sad for me to take since they were the home Roy and I loved so much.

A few pictures of my packed up ready to move house. I enjoyed watching the movers work after my working all day for six days straight to get it packed up!! Many thanks to Cindy Vernon and y son Chip for all their help.

Master Bedroom all packed up
Master Bedroom
Living Room all packed up
Living Room
Living Room and Kitchen all packed up
Living Room and Kitchen
Kitchen all packed up and empty
Craft/Rock Room all packed up
Craft/Rock Room
What's left on the back patio is packed up
Back patio
Yard Furniture ready to move
Yard furniture
Moving Truck all packed up and ready to go
All packed up and ready to go
Packed moving truck close up
They took the four heaviest pots. The front two are going to get some restorative work!

I am so happy to begin this next chapter in my life back home where we lived for 30 years in what we locals lovingly call it, Hammond America!

We drove all backroads to go from Amite in the country, to Hammond in the small city! It’s a beautiful hilly, wooded, farmland rich drive.

Plants from my gardens I am taking for my new house
Can’t wait to plant these at the new house. Azalea limbs with roots lilies/irises, hostas, liriope others. These moved in my car.

Just a few things wouldn’t fit in their van and I left several things in the house including of my outside potted plants, Christmas decoration boxes, and outside metal decorations.

Chip and Rick brought both their trucks full of those things to me on Wednesday. They worked hard getting it all in their trucks and unloading it all. My nightstands got swapped since they were on the wrong sides of my bed and the set up of my Spectrum internet and television connection got started. I worked with Spectrum on the phone a couple of times to work through some issues. The last of which was the television which is almost there but a technician is coming out Sunday evening to finish it up.

We enjoyed some fresh Domino’s pizza together. Domino’s is only two blocks away! Buddy got to play with his little brother Benny for a while which is always cute to watch!

Now that everything is here I can complete unpacking the kitchen and living room boxes. Just a few left now. Thank goodness. I’m giving my packing boxes to my new renter in Amite for their move.

I’ll share about my new home in my next blog soon. If you are interested in more about the movers since I highly recommend the company and our two movers Mike and Kimo their contact info, web page and more info about how great they were is below.

College Student Mover’s web address is http://www.fastaffordablecollegestudentmovers.com/

Local Hammond phone number is 985 345 5843. They are located on Club Deluxe Road in Hammond.

Don’t want to say how much I paid but I was expecting it to be between $800 and $900. It was NOWHERE NEAR THAT. They drove from Hammond to Amite, disassembled my bed, loaded furniture, boxes, and bags all up, drove back to Hammond and unloaded everything setting up my bed and putting all the furniture and rugs where I wanted them.

As they were packing up I showed them that the baby cradle was made for me by my daddy when I was a tiny little girl. When we arrived and he unpacked it he showed it to me to see it was in perfect condition. They were both very nice the whole time. I had bananas for them for potassium and bottled water to help them stay hydrated. They really appreciated that and loved the nice tip I gave both of them for their great work!

Isaiah 40:31

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