08.10.21 The last 36 hours before moving day.

“Your eternal soul is the most valuable thing you possess. It’s worth more than the whole world put together.” – Billy Graham

It hasn’t slowed down any but I had a few spare minutes at midnight last night so I crawled around on the ground under my big azaleas digging up branches that had rooted. All for my new home’s garden.

Sunday afternoon I pulled and dug up a bunch of lily/iris bulbs, a lot of variegated liriope, and hostas. They are crammed in there soaking in water in three containers (the buckets were packed in boxes!!) This picture doesn’t show it but there are at least 50 plants in those containers. Three cacti are in a bag nearby. There will be more digging later this week but that’s definitely enough to get me started and out of trouble for a while, once I move in! The azalea branches are in the photo as well!

I spoke to the movers on Sunday and found out they will take down my bed and put it back together for me. They will also move two of my biggest pots with plants in them! Yay! They said it usually takes someone six weeks to comfortably pack up a house. They don’t know me!

Now I only have two dozen small pots to move but if they don’t get moved Tuesday I’ll get them Wednesday or Thursday when I come back to clean up my house before the new family moves in.

On Monday I put signs on everything that isn’t being packed so the movers will know where to put things. I’ve already labeled most all of the boxes but today’s signs exceeded 40 for all rooms throughout the house and the back patio. And I planned to do as little as I possibly could knowing Tuesday will be a busy tiring day so I must rest up before that! I did sit still to watch my soaps and to write this and eat but the ret of the time was wrapping up loose ends. I want to be ready when they get here Tuesday.

Chip got my Christmas tree out of the attic. We put it up there decorated in three pieces after Christmas last year. Two huge rubbermaid boxes and my Christmas wreath were in the loft of the storage building. He got them down and all the Christmas stuff is packed into his car for hauling tomorrow.

My car is fairly full but all the plants I plan to bring tomorrow will fill up the car first thing in the morning.

I feel like I did a really good job of labeling each box not only as to what room the movers need to put it in but whats inside to help me in unpacking. I can honestly say I do not remember ever packing to move before this time.

Chip took down my bedroom television and the living room television. I’m probably going to put them on their stands instead of mounting them to the walls at the new house.

I had hoped to get a few more things done before this move but I just can do no more. My new renters aren’t moving in right away like I thought (and worried about) and that removed a huge stress since I don’t have to turn right around to come back here to clean this house.

I wrote more yesterday evening on my laptop but couldn’t save it. I am now on my phone at 6 am. It’s moving day and I want this published so here it is!

Please pray that all goes well today. I just spent the last night in the home Roy and I called our Little Slice of Heaven here in Amite, Louisiana. Such beautiful memories we made here.

Ill.write again after the move! Thanks you to all of yall who prayed me through this! Please keep praying for a few more days! Rosalyn

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