08.08.21 So much has been accomplished with moving preparation!

I am so ready for Tuesday! This planning, packing, preparing and trying to remember all the things I need to move will be over then and I can take my time unpacking to make my new place a home.

I’ve been writing these last three posts on my phone in bed either before or I go to sleep or as soon as I wake up. There is no time in between!

Once the rock room was all finished, I moved on to the kitchen and wall decorations. Cindy Vernon helped me SOOOOOO much with packing the kitchen including the many shelves in the pantry packed with food. She got on the step stool, got on her knees, reached in the far back of cabinets and got things packed. Probably nothing she packed will break. Maybe some of what I packed will break because she used bubble wrap. I bought it but rarely thought to use it!

Chip did the heavy lifting to stack the boxes and get them out of the way until moving day.

I went with Cindy to her church to help her with something. I just sat and looked at her work so if she fell off the ladder someone would know! On the way into the church was the cutest sign that I had to take a picture of!

Saturday morning Chip and I attended our church’s new member orientation online. They encouraged old members, us, to attend and we already scheduled to attend so we did. It was very informative, I got to make some new friends, Susan and Bob Neal and we also got to rest for three hours!

Then the work started again. I took down all my wall decorations and decorations on top of the dressers and other surfaces throughout the house and carefully packed them marking them Fragile all over the boxes! Chip went behind me taking all the hanging devices down and putting them in a bag for him to use to put them back up at the new house. He also reminded me about taking down the bedroom curtains and other things I totally overlooked. He took them down too!

My closet was interesting and time consuming to pack. I was wise enough to get a wardrobe box to hang my good clothes in for moving and that helped tremendously.

My bathroom has been packed up and the box will stay open until the move so I can find things I shouldn’t have packed yet!

Today we are attending church online. Then will be packing delicate things in my car, organize things outside for the movers to pick up.

I don’t know if I shared before that I’ve hired movers for the first time ever. I’m so thankful I am able to do that this time. They even said to leave my belongings in drawers and they would tape the drawers shut for moving. I LOVE THEM FOR THAT!!! I love being able to put delicate things in the drawers that I don’t want to go into a box.

Since I sold my sofa to our new renters so I’ve had to spend time looking for a new smaller sofa that will go with my chairs. I discovered that the delivery time for most sofas is weeks and months out. My search took longer because I’d like something to sit on much sooner. Found one on Wayfair that will be delivered a week after I move in. It has a love seat that I may order if there is room for it once I get the sofa in.

I think that brings me current on all my moving progress so I’ll wrap up for now.

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