08.04.21 Rosalyn’s Moving Update, I found a new home.

Tuesday I looked and looked while driving all around the two cities of Hammond and Ponchatoula Louisiana looking at house after house to rent. It was raining, stressful, exhausting but rewarding when, I found my new home!

This is the first time I’ve ever gone house hunting without Roy by my side which was daunting and sad.

I have to share that God gave me a sharp, clear, and quick thinking mind when I needed it that day. I am so thankful to Him for that.

My new little house is in Hammond; between downtown Hammond, the University and Albertsons. A couple others I toured were nicer but were way out past Ponchatoula High which is a good distance from my church and friends.. The one I chose is close to all shopping, my friends and my church. It was the only one with a washer and dryer. The owner, Trent, was there and I really like him. He worked with me on the rent and deposit and he’s working right now on having everything in great condition for me to move in next Tuesday. What a blessing!

I measured my furniture before I left home. Trent helped me measure the rooms and it will all fit!

There is a fenced in back yard for Buddy. The back yard is totally empty with one tree. I will get to play in it making it pretty with flower bushes, etc. Chip is going to dig up here some azaleas, lantanas, bulbs, and other small plants to be planted there. My new landlord gave me permission to do that!

Other progress I have made:

I sold my big sofa yesterday and picked out a new smaller one with a coffee table. Will need an end table but that can wait.

All the utility changes seem to keep me on the phone forever! I won’t need Dish satellite service or the only internet available out here in the country. No cable is available here in the country. I paused satellite and internet so the new residents will have an easier time connecting those.

Cable is available in Hammond with Spectrum. They have partnered with Verizon so I will have my cell service, internet and television with them for less than half of what I am paying now for those.

I bought a bunch of packing boxes and bubble wrap Tuesdaymy friend Cindy Vernon helped me assemble and tape the boxes. We boxed up 95% of the rock room which was a good way to start. We had fun visiting too!

The movers said I can leave the contents in all the dressers and multiple drawer cabinets and they will tape them shut. I think that is wonderful and helps reduce packing tremendously!

Packing up kitchen will get started today. Taking down and packing wall and other decor is on today’s agenda.

My friend Lane from Southeastern has agreed to help me reconnect Roy and my computers at the new house. That is something I should not even think of tackling!

Some but not too much progress each day will help me live till the finish! I look forward to my new life and all the possibilities it brings!

Yall have a blessed day! Rosalyn

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