08.05.21 My house is already rented out, in two hours!

Again, Good God Almighty! I put my Amite home up for rent on Facebook’s Marketplace around 2 pm yesterday. Within minutes I had my first interested lady. They are the couple who signed a rental agreement later and paid all the appropriate payments. They are also purchasing my sofa and the wet TV outside. The wet TV can get rained on, hence its name.

Don’t want to give out all their personal information but they are Christians and that is the most important thing to me. Their children will love living here! They don’t have a date when they will move in yet but it will be empty and clean whenever they are ready.

They are fine with Chip and Rick staying on the property in their campers where Dora use to live. These people are really great people and I think they like me too! I gave him a bowl of my homemade gumbo since he came straight from work!

I am nearly in shock this happened so fast. Three of the other interested people wanted to send me the money without even seeing the house in person. It’s a jungle out there with house rentals right now.

This takes such a big weight off my old shoulders. I have been packing and packing all day and finally made the time to sit down and write up the FOR RENT listing this afternoon.

Here’s a picture of the “Rock Room” with everything packed up and tables taken down. I have to transfer some documents from my computer on the floor to Roy’s server. When that’s done the computers/monitors can be unplugged. I am giving my computer to my friend Cindy Vernon so I’ll be using Roy’s desktop computer and my laptop when I move.

The closet in that room is also all cleaned out so that’s one room down, 6 more to go! And outside!

I forgot how many phone calls it took to set up new electricity, new water, new everything else before you were all set up to move. Also to have internet, Verizon, television things cut off. That took all morning.

My dear friend Tommy Picou from church was kind enough to go to the City of Hammond Building Department to pay the fee for my electric permit which is needed before the electricity can be turned on. They couldn’t take the payment over the phone and someone had to go there in person to pay it. Tommy very kindly went there as soon as I called him and got it taken care of. Thank you my dear friend Tommy! I’ll pay you when I see you!

That’s today’s update. Tomorrow’s plan is to pack up the kitchen and all decorations. We started some of that today. Cindy is coming back tomorrow morning to help me with that. She’s a great friend.

I’m going to sleep now before I collapse! Rosalyn

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